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how BIG is the world?

I have never played an mmorpg before.i want to know how big the world is.
as a comparison,some big games i have played[area wise] are gta:san andreas,elder scrolls 4:oblivion and stuff like that.
i understand that there are multiple planets but that does not necessarily reflect on how "big" the game is.
for instance,star wars:knights of the old republic has many planets all with lots of stuff to do while mass effect 2 has many planets but many just need mined or all basicly empty.
so,in your answer,please take into account only planets with stuff to do.

Accepted Answer

Sunrac answered:

There is 17 planets in total there is maybe 2 or 3 you can't go to (level 1 starting zones of the opposite faction so you can't pick on them) and each planet has a ton of quests to do including group "heroics" where you team up with other people to kill hard enemies. So yeah it is a very big game if you think about it.
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mastAk88 answered:

I'm not very far into the game, but as far as I have been, most planets have quests to do while you explore them. Unlike KOTOR in TOR you can revisit planets that you have already been to.
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