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Where trade in commendations for other commendations?

I was told that you could trade in commendations of one planet for commendations to another at either Corusant, or the republic fleet, but I can't find a vendor. Where are they?

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thesatansmurf answered:

That was prior to release. You can't do that now.

I could imagine them changing it later as the level spread on the servers gets where they want it to be. Or to spur interest in expansions.
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denaz answered:

That option is no longer available in the game unfortunately.
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NPUser3000 answered:

You may not be able to trade planent commdation in for others now but you can tarde in warzone commedations for mercenary of champion commedations athe pvp vendors in every warzone and next to the bounty board on the republic fleet in the combat training area.
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Blackcrow333 answered:

I don`t know for sure but it maybe in the 1.2 update thing coming up.
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Blackcrow333 answered:

I don`t know for sure but it maybe in the 1.2 update thing coming up.
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Arvig answered:

There's still no commendation trade in. One thing you can do is buy mods from the mod commendation vendors on one character, and then mail the mods to another, they are bind on equip. The items from the equipment commendation vendors are bind on pickup though. Although the random items from the lockboxes are still bind on equip as well.
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