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Where can I find (droid armor)?

I droid companion has crappy armor and keeps dieing in 2 hits where do i get new stuff for him

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butterball_88 answered:

You can take up cybertech and just make his stuff yourself. You can do side-quests and choose his equipment as rewards, or you can buy off the GTM. You can get orange (customizable) parts (like parts,motor,sensor, etc) from the planet commendations vendors on the fleet
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NPUser3000 answered:

Pretty much any missions you do early on will offer your droid parts also the things butterball said are also correct I would like to advise aginst buying off the GTM (galatic trade market) as any decent ones on there you can get from questing, drops, or making yourself. You should not need to get any better for your droid faster than you are doing your quests.
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SlightlySycho answered:

You have two options.

As mentioned, the first is pre-made droid armor. You can acquire this by taking up Cybertech or purchasing pieces off of the GTN.

I have also noticed that -- at least for T7 -- the companion armor he receives from quest can be modded even though it is green. The next time you see an option to accept gear for him, mouse over it and see if it can be customized. If it can, choose it. You can then fill it up with commando mods to keep it up to date.
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augustchild answered:

Actually on Taris, where you first pick up your C-3po bot, there are Droid vendors on Taris that work perfectly for your Brand New Naked Bot... that heals
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