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How do I romance Kira for my Jedi Knight?

I've been trying to romance Kira on my Jedi Knight but so far I've had no luck can someone tell how to I already know it has something to do with affection point and I tried that her affection right now is close to 3,000 and I'm currently on Nar Shadda do I have to wait until I progress further in the mission or am I doing something wrong??


WynnSilvergaze answered:

You romance any companion by flirting with them whenever you can, and by having high Affection with them. Either through gifts or picking the right conversation choices while you quest and they're in your party.

For Kira, you have to wait until the end of chapter 1 after her major event we will say. You'll know it when it happens. After this, more companion dialog will open up again.
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