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What is the best of critical or power?


Right now im lvl 50. I`m a smuggler (gunslinger)....and i have picked up the Tionese armor...that gives me some boost in power, so i thought that i would go for power in my crystals as my crystals is +31 power.....BUT, now i have the scematichs to do a +41 critical MAGENTA crystal ;)........And my question for u guys is...whats the best power och critical.....and in my case would u change it???

Thanks for any advise :)


pyber80 answered:

Critical rating is the chance of you getting a critical hit with your attacks. If you land the critical hit, then the amount is increased by however much your surge rating is.

Power on the other hand is how hard you hit before any criticals happen.

Now, that said, I tend to prefer striking a decent balance between the two, usually splitting my +Crit and +Power bonuses close to 50/50, and tossing in a little +Surge for good measure. I can't say that's the best way of doing it, but its worked for me so far. *shrug*

Take a look at your current bonuses and see if your Critical rating could use a boost. If you only have a few points into Criticals, and the rest is already +Power and/or +Surge, I'd highly recommend swapping for that Magenta crystal to get a little more.
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