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why are sith so inferior to republic in PvP?

I PvP on 3 different sith, have a 50 marauder, Inquisitor, and sniper... all of which are in Battlemaster+ gear... all of which have never hit has hard as most all republic do. most republic peeps that i see crit me (1300+ expertice) for over 5k. i have yet to see a crit come from me for more than 4.2k. Just really tired of getting stunned and then 8 seconds later when the stun wears off, im dead, waiting for respawn... again.... and again.... and again...............................................? please, no one with some bull**** about getting better at the game, i came from WoW, played it since day 1, until day 1 of SWTOR. I am good at rpg gameplay.


pliskin33 answered:

You play a lot of selfish squishy classes.
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ThiagoSantos007 answered:

The Republic is definitely not more powerful than the Sith Empire. It's more a question of what kind of gear you (and the other players) are using. There is a specific attribute (Expertise) for going on PvP, you'll need if you don't want to be in disadvantage with Republic players.
May the Force be with you!
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angelito928 answered:

All classes in Tor are the same beside their animations. In my experience Wow pvp is a bit care-bear (somewhat) and unbalanced(just look at the skills of all wow classes how can you balance that?).Perhaps in server were you on the pub side may have better players.gear in a mmo makes a big difference in pvp so if undergeared against other players, chances are you will get face-rolled . make a republic character.also knowing the right pvp specs is important, there are guides on the forums for that,
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