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Will the game be released on current gen consoles?

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From: dukedafeet 5 years ago

Knights of the Old Republic, KOTOR II (obsidian tho) and jade empire all first appeared on the xbox, mass effect first appeared on 360, dragon age is coming to consoles... bioware is known for their console games. As for retrogamer, its an MMO, which do not fair well on consoles for lack of controls/shortcuts.

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I think this game is PC only.

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At the moment there is no mention of consoles, and I seriously doubt there will be either.

Bioware is not known for their console games, and some games need more control than a simple controller (although I do not know if this game will).

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hey I remember seeing them announce that not even 20 xbox's could run this game because of all the content. (also that not all computers will either) so I am going with no not all...sorry m8.

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I don't think so... I think they would've announced it already, because look how long it's taking to mkae this for the PC, and they would've started production (if it WAS on consoles) long ago. So, there's not much luck for you on consoles.

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Probably not; I mean look at it, the way it plays I sure as hell wouldn't want to try and play with a controller.

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According to a news article in

"Electronic Arts exec Frank Gibeau has confirmed that console versions of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Warhammer Online are 'under consideration'. "

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Srry dude but i'v seen all videos all news reports even averthing on the website but they all said no for consols soo srry again :c

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Iread about this game in a game magazine, and it said "yes" this game will be on the Xbox360 an PS3, as well as the PC.

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There are no plans to release it on consoles, confirmed many times over the years.

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Confirmed: No. It is for PC only. Only these systems:
Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
Will not run on Mac.

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