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Asked: 3 years ago

What are all the playable races in this game?

I have seen forums and posts of what races people would like in the game,and i was wandering what races are going to be in the game that are playable?

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From: MstrDrgn1012 2 years ago

Actually, both Empire and Republic sides get: Human, Cyborg, Twi'lek, and Zabrak.

Rattataki and Chiss are Empire-exclusive.

Miraluka and Mirialian(sp?) are Republic-exclusive.

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Go to it shows all the playable you can be if not it will give a good selection of what you can be.SPOILER there might be a few new playable people/ alien which look awsome.

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The SIth can play as: Human, Twi'lek, Sith, Zabrek, and Rattataki. The Republic gets Miraluka, Mirilan, Chiss, Cyborg. Several of these races are available to both sides.

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