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how BIG is the world? Answered 2
Sith Assassin?? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
(How do you get the dark/light side points?) Answered 1
As a preferred player would I have the ability to hide my headgear or is that for subscribers only? Open 1
As easy as WoW? Answered 1
Best class to solo level? Answered 1
buy cheapest swtor credits, if i can get bonus from Swtor2credits? Unanswered 0
Can anyone send me a swtor free trial? Open 1
Can I buy Pre-Owned/Used? Open 2
Can I play both factions? Answered 1
Can i run this or not ? Open 1
Can someone please help clarify the purchase/payment system for an MMO newbie? Open 2
Can you change servers once you start? Open 4
Can you play by yourself? Answered 1
Can you play the game without paying the online subscription? Answered 3
Cartel Coins with Debit Card? Open 1
CE Mouse Droid is gone. Is there a way to get it back??? Answered 1
Consoles? Answered 11
Cost per month? (Aproximatly) Answered 1
Cost to play online??? Answered 5
Do you have to pay real money for items? Answered 3
Do you want to be the coolest person ever? Then please send me an invite Open 2
Does anyone have a buddy pass? Open 2
Endgame? Open 2
Focus? Answered 1
Free Trial? Answered 2
Free? Open 2
Friend Invite?? Open 1
Friend Invites? Open 1
Game worth it? Open 1
Good sith? Answered 1
Hk-51 companion? Open 5
How do I recover focus? Open 2
How do I set-up Hot Keys for Starwars: The Old Republic? Answered 1
How do you purse Jaesa in Sith Warrior? Answered 1
I am wondering how to harvest light saber crystals on droman kaas? Answered 1
I love sith he loves jedi? Answered 2
I would like to know? Open 3
If i dont use a partner, his/her history, stays as it was or keeps going??? Open 1
Is Origin required? Answered 1
Is there an Exact Release Date yet? Answered 5
Is there going to be any offline single player? Open 3
Is there going to be any single player stuff in it? Answered 2
Is this free to play? Answered 1
Jedi vs Sith? Answered 4
Monthly Bundle Packages? Open 2
Ok the money they will make from this, could help to making one for the Consoles? Open 4
Smuggler companions? Open 3
Subscription from CD copy? Unanswered 0
Talent trees? Answered 1
Turn to turn attack? Open 4
What are all the playable races in this game? Answered 3
What is the preferred imperial healing class for grouping? Answered 1
What missions does Cybertech Skills require? Answered 1
When do you get the beta test for the old republic?? Answered 1
Where did you buy the game? Open 4
Where do i find matrix assemblers? Answered 2
Where do I go to get the requirements to use this mount? Answered 1
Where to get the flashpoint foundry quest? Open 1
Where Will I Be Able To Buy It Once It's Out? Answered 1
Where's vehicle vendor? Answered 4
Will High powered consoles & PC's get the game? Answered 3
Will I be able to pre order SWTOR late august? Open 2
Will the star wars mmo be for mac? Answered 6
Will the Star Wars: The Old Republic be available on Xbox 360? Answered 6
Will this come to other systems? Open 2

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