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How do I get past level 27?

I cannot pass to higher levels on both dungeons, there's a message saying: "You are washed by a sense of dread. You are not ready to go any further".

What should I do? My character is in level 199 and with Demigod fame.

Thanks for your help.

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Mattdean76 answered:

Yes, you need to collect the items for the hero statues in the Temple of Fate and put them on them. Once you get all the items for both statues and complete the task assigned to you by Cyrus (the bird) and Twiger (the tree) then you can advance further.

Or you can just cheat buy using the code descend after hitting Ctrl, Shift, and ~ and put the number of levels you want to descend after that next to the question mark on the left and hit enter.
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Galahaut answered:

I believe you have to complete the Hero Statues in the starting area by placing the appropriate items in the empty slots. Each completed statue will allow you to continue deeper into one of the dungeons.
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