Question from hammy60

How do I turn the RADAR on in multiplayer mode to see the enemy at all times?

Playing in multiplayer mode, when there are just two players, it's hard to locate the enemy without the RADAR on.

xxAiZaIxx asked for clarification:

errr... Guy if i have a 3 kill streak, what do i press to use UAV?


dovlatyanr answered:

First of all, the simple radar is always on, unless you are playing in hardcore mode, or your enemy has a jammer up. To get the ability to see enemies on the map wherever they go, you must have a UAV up, which you will get as a reward for getting 3 kills without dying.
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occupine answered:

I agree with would be a mega noob wanting the constant uav though unless you get 3 kills,die and do it over again(2 kills with hardline)
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jimquixy answered:

UAV... 3 kill streak, the more you use at once the faster the uav(s) scan...
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CaptDutch answered:

You would press the "4" button.
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Marcklet answered:

That feature is only available in CoD4. But you can use UAV.
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jas_19 answered:

Use a weapon with a Heartbeat Sensor attached and keep moving.Unless the enemy has a Ninja Perk he will be shown in the Heartbeat Sensor's screen as a red dot.Hope this helps you.
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Communist13 answered:

Try firing into the air and camp. See if he comes by to investigate.
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Gredenvall answered:

If what you're asking is about PRIVATE SERVERS, there are options you could use in the game lobby.

I think there's some option like "Radar always on" and then just take "Yes".
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