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Asked: 5 years ago

User Music (Independence FM) faulty?

I'm really need help in this. I've copied some of my favorite song in the user music folder. When I start GTA IV then try turn on the Independence FM it sound like a damage CD (screeching sound). I've no problem with that before,but now this is happen. Can someone tell me why?

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Maybe you didn't do a full scan in the music options. Or maybe you didn't scan at all. Try this if you haven't and if it still doesn't work, maybe you should restart your computer. If it still does not work, then you could reinstall GTA4. Good luck!

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Things like this do happens, don't know why. But the solution is to go to the user track folder at "my document", cut all the music files in your user track folder, run GTA IV, complete scan the user track from the audio option. After that, quit the game, re-paste your music to the user track player folder, run GTA IV, complete scan at the audio option. They will detect your music again and able to play it all at Independence FM.

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Would you happen to know whats wrong wih mine? It just keeps playing commercials

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