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GTA IV Installation Issue ?

I Get a Weird CRC Error Whem i am Trying to Install GTA 4 . The Same DVD Set works in MY Laptop but it Comes up with Error Whenever i try to install in My Desktop ?

Bopomofo816 asked for clarification::

Did you restart your computer and try again? You're getting a checksum error, meaning **** isnt adding up.

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doktergadungan1 answered:

I got the problem too when I install GTA IV, but I eventually succeed to install it.

Here s what I did :
1 . Whenever the CRC Error occured, Click Retry. As example, I got stuck on CNT.bik(or .bak?fgot the extension), retry it for about 4 times, and finally pass the file installation.

2.If you have tried to retry it several times but it still doesnt work, take a note about the file name, and click on ignore. When the installation completes, delete all the files you have taken note of(as example, I retried about 10x on benchmark.cli, finally ignored it, and when the installation complete, I delete the file benchmark.cli)

3. launch the setup (from the folder GTAIV in your installation source), then choose REPAIR. The installer should pause for a while to install the files you have deleted. When I did this, no CRC Error occured.
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