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are the patch can run when use NoRGSC ? 0
Can I properly run this game on this system? 0
Can I run this game at max if I run fallout new vegas at max? 0
Can run this on my comp? 0
Cant get GTA IV to start? 0
Cell phone completely silent and call never ends? 0
Fatal error resc 10 ? 0
Game runs slow on my high end PC? 0
Game Very Slow ? 0
How can I prevent GTA IV from crashing randomly? 0
How do I get the call from the lawyers? (Final Interview glitch?) 0
how to get rid of Fatal Error Resc 10 ????????(GTA 4) 0
I have a good machine but the game runs so slow. why??????? 0
LaunchGTAIV doesn't do anything anymore. Help please? 0
missing texture on the game,, error WS10,, and error after installed patch 1.0.4 problem ?? 0
Mission Help? 0
Need help? 0
Resetting the code key form bad installs or crashed systems? 0
Screen Stuck??? 0
Where can I change the inverted camera? I cant find it! 0
Why does NOTHING WORK!?!?!?!? 0
Why gta's settings keeps scrolling and during the gameplay the phone is always there and keeps scrolling as its own ? 0
Why won't my PC read the GTA IV disk? 0
Anyone with a Pentium D (or similar setup) running this game with decent framerates? 1
Better graphics and quicker time.? 1
Better graphics and quicker time? 1
Can i play GTA 4 on my specs ??? 2
Can I play this Game? 5
can i play wit GTA 4 ? From HAK 1
Can i run this game on my Processor? 2
Can I run this game with good settings? 1
Can i run this game.? 2
Can I Run This? 1
Can I run this? I have everything up to date but processor 2
Can i toggle the game to run on DX10 or DX9? 2
Can my computer play this game well? 2
Can My PC run this wonderful game? 1
Can you play GTA 4 online for free, or do you have to pay to use the Windows Live to pay online? 1
CanI run this in Windows XP SP2? 1
cn my systm run gta in ths systm IntelR PntiumR 4 CPU 1.70ghz 1.72ghz 1.00gb of ramVid crd Nvidia GEforce FX 5500 256MB? 3
Could I run this game? 2
Fatal error resc10? 1
Flickering Shadows on the PC version of GTA IV. How can I fix this? 8
Game on Windows 7? 1
Gta iv fatal error resc10 ? 2
GTA IV FATAL ERROR:Invalid resource detected - Please re-install the game. Whuaat? 1
How do i download the Social Club? 1
How do i install the Social Club? 1
How do I set up LAN multiplayer? 1
I got a 3
I know this specs are bad... but still.. can you tell me how it runs? 2
Just another Can I run my game? Question... 2
Mac compatible? 1
My language file? 1
REALLY NEED A SOLID ANSWER! PLEASE HELP ME! lol rlly need an answer? 2
Recommended settings? 4
Runs on my Desktop PC but not my laptop....why? 1
Serial Number??? 1
So would this be sufficient to max this game? 1
System requirements..? 1
There are lots of graphical tweak mods out there, will installing any/all effect anyting drastic? 1
Want To play GTA 4....? 1
What can i do to improve quality? 2
What the hell is the serial number? 1
When i installing gta iv on pc .than see i rsgclauncher does not work???????? 1
Where can i find my save game folder...?? 1
Where should I have the settings to optomize performance? 2
Why does it always hang up when i play the game even if my pc specs is high enough? 1
Why does the game keep in mute mode? 1
Why does the game keep telling me disk 2 no data 3 cab? 1
Why does the game keep telling me Fatal Error:RMN40? 3
Why does the game keep telling me my system is not compatible with %P? 3
Why does the game keep telling me that secuROM launcher has stopped working?? 1
Why does the internet cafe can't work well? 1
Why isnt my radio in the car? 1
Why won't it start a new game? 2
Will my computer be able to run this game? 1
Will my new laptop work? Thanks!! 1
Can i play this game on my specs??? 1
Can i run it?? Overclock maybe ??? 1
Can I run this game? 1
Can my PC play GTA IV with MID or MAX settings? 1
Can my pc run GTA IV? 1
Custom Music? 1
DVD drive not reading? 4
Game Pad not working ? 1
GTA IV Installation Issue ? 1
GTA4 Fatel Error - WS10 ? 2
How can i adjust the camera during driving ? 1
How can I improve running this game? 1
How do i check the fps? 2
How do i stop social club from running at start up? 1
HUD missing after installing newest patch(?) 1
i have Core 2 Duo 2.66, 2gigis of ram, Nvidia 9500gt (1gb)? 5
I'm having texture pop in on streets, settings help please? 1
Loading problems with one mission? 1
My system is good, but I play it too slow...? 13
What are the perfect graphic-settings for me? Please answer! 1
What exactly are norestriction and nomemrestict codes? 2
What i need to run GTA IV better? 1
What settings can I expect? 1
Where are my achievements? 1
Why can't the tv have pictures?? 1
Why cant I do the norestriction and nomemrestict codes? 2
Why does the game crash when I try to start a new game? 1
Why does this game run like crap on my mid range computer?? 5
Why is this game running slow ? 1
Will this game work on this laptop ? 1
Will this work? 2
Would this computer run this? 1

Other Help Answers
Can i run it? 0
Can i run this game ? 0
Can this work? 0
GTA IV not showing textures? 0
How do I know witch patch I have? 0
How to gift a girl friend from lovemeet? 0
How to install GTA4 in windows xp? 0
is the downloadable version for 360 compatible with DLC? 0
Mobile Phone not working? 0
Niko won't call Vlad after I stole a car in mission "Clean Getaway". Reinstall? 0
The screen goes blank when i launch it? 0
Can I get achievements if I am temporarily offline? 2
Can i play it on toshiba nb200?plz answer me fast 1
Can i play the game on windows 7 64bit at all? 4
Can I run this game with atleast medium settings? 6
Can I use the controller hack in patch 2? 1
Can you download saved games? 4
Can you unlock everything without doing the missions? 1
Connection? 1
Cross hair? 1
Does a person need to start at the first of the Grand Theft Auto Games to be able to understand playing them? 2
How can I sex? 3
How do i dial this codes? 1
How do i get downloaded save games to work? It says somethign about not finding something to check harive? 1
How do i install Grand theft auto IV ? 1
How do i run the car? 1
How do i stop the camera from shaking? 2
How do I upload my music to GTAIV? 2
I could not drive the car? 1
I need help on using gamesaves (using Windows 7)? 1
I Need help with uploading my music. ? 1
I want to buy this game ? 1
In Live does the game online goes faster? 1
Is this game the heaviest game on the planet? 3
NAT type needs to be changed to open. How? 1
Play from Estonia? 1
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!What's wrong with Independence FM? 1
User Music (Independence FM) faulty? 2
Wanna join a police-roleplay clan? (Seeking Command Staff) 1
What is %P? 5
What is the best way to steer vehicles? 2
What is this Fatal Error??? 1
What PC control do I use to climb a ladder? 5
Whellie? 2
Wher can i buy the game online? 1
Where can i buy glove? 1
Where can i find strip clubs in gta 4? 2
Where i can find save of one last thing mission ? 1
Why are most cars in singleplayer disabled in multiplayer?! 1
Why does my game shake? 4
Why police doesnt chase me? 1
Why The Game Can't Detect My Saved File ? 2
Why when I want to surf on the net in the game I can't? 3
Are there any stats on stamina,muscle,wepon or driving like there were on San andreas?? 3
Are there peds in multiplayer? 1
Can GTA4 be run in windowed mode? 1
Can I multiplayer on my PC against PS3/Xbox? 1
Can i Run GTA IV? 1
Can I run the game, its pretty bad but...? 1
Can this game run on my computer with good settings? 1
Do I need achievements to complete the game 100%? 2
does the GTAIV games have appear in Indonesia? 3
How to find the bridge to fly under for bonus? 1
I want to see myself sexing , but how? 3
What are my friends special abilities? 1
What is the system requirements? and what are the controls? 1
Where are the 14 bridges to fly under? 2
Where can i find a save game file? 1
Where do the film clips save to? 1
Will I be able to run this game? 2
Will My 2.4 ghz Mac Book Pro Run GTA 4 Well? 2

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