Question from DarkNice88

Bow vs. Crossbow?

What ranged weapon do you think is best and why


kel92vader answered:

A little view of both.
Bow: made for long ranges and fast firing
Crossbow: short range, long reload time, big penetration.
i hope this will make you choose.
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Corrupzion answered:

The final weapon for Bow is weaker then the X-bow. Bow requires you to lead and aim up for long distance but, with practice it isn't bad. Bow reloads faster but requires you to charge the shot for a brief period making the difference in firing (Start of reload to finally firing on you're selected target) minimal.

In the end it doesn't matter what one you pick, personally having both maxed and both final versions it just comes to personal preference. There is no wrong way to go except, picking a style you dislike.
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Taare answered:

Well imo, xbow uses strenght, so depends on what kind of avatar you wanna be, strenght is good for melee, also some dex swords. i find dex pretty much useless. just imho
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Quaderman88 answered:

Cross bow all the way, the titan crossbow with a high strength kills somethings in one shot lol, and i don't mean those little porkupine stingers but two shots at a lizard will finish it off.
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mindaz3 answered:

Using Bows requires Dexterity.
Using Crossbows requires Strength.

Bow has faster fire rate, but do lower damage and it requires arrows to shoot. (Titan Bow does 80 damage)
Crossbow has slow fire rate, but do higher damage and it requires bolts to shoot.. (Titan Crossbow does 125 damage)

To fire a bow arrow requires a bit of skill in accuracy because fired arrow flies not straight and sometimes arrow hit the ground of flies over your target. Before firing arrow you must to strain bow's string and then release it to fire arrow, what distance your arrow flies depends on how much you strain string.
Crossbow requires no skill in targeting, you just target your desired opponent and fire bolt, fired bolts flies straight and infinite distance. Crossbow do not requires manual strain like bow, it reloads and prepares shoot bolt automatically.

Crossbow more designed to kill opponent before it reaches you or just do some damage before close melee fight. With bow you can do the same, except now you can easy kite some enemies (hit & run).

As someone said, at the end it really doesn't make difference what weapon you use, use whatever you feel comfortable with.

I personally prefer crossbow, I shoot few bolts, then draw weapon and finish an enemy.

Sorry if there is bad english.
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Bhale7 answered:

Using the crossbow requires specific strength values but its damage is influenced by Dex not Str. Even with the dual stat dependency I still prefer it over the bow. I like the zoom and the fact that the bolts fly straight and not on a curve.

As a side note get your dex to 100 before you use dex potions, and dex food. you should be able to get your dex up to 150 or so.
Between the hunting crossbow and the Titan crossbow there was supposed to be one more bow but I haven't been able to find it. You can get it in the test console by typeing give It_Crossbow_War
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