Question from gust300

How do you go up to the monastery?

I want to go to the grey part in my region map, on Harbour city. It is located north of the map, and it is composed of 2 towers surrounded by walls on top of the mountain, how do i go there?


FoxieMoxie answered:

Complete enough quests for the Order, then talk to any guard. He'll say you've been summoned by the Inquisitor. The monastery can be reached by taking the path to the right of the brothel.

I don't know, however, how may quests you need to do, or if it's after a specific one. I was summoned after retrieving the packages of weed from Garth.
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Zouff answered:

By the way, that isn't the Monastery, that is just Carlos's headquarters. The Monastery is outside Harbor Town, to the north. Only accessible (without being kidnapped) affter finishing the quests for the Order and obtaining a letter of recommandation from Carlos.
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