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Penelope's amulet - where is it used?

Climbing Lois Tower in Broken Valley i found a chest containing Penelope's amulet of whatever (i think rest is random and doesn't matter cause it determines stats), question is, which quest is this item part of cause i can't see it in store menu/sell it, must be a quest item or sth


Turlee answered:

Find Penelope in the area where you follow the white rabbit.
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henrik02 answered:

Where's the white rabbit?
The grave is west of Lovis' Tower, as west as you can go. It's up on a hill, but if you see a witch, who wishes to tell your fortune, you should go east a little.
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FMertz answered:

Not a quest item. The amulet is to be placed on Penelope's tombstone, which is located near Sosostra's camp. Sosostra is the fortune teller. The tombstone is just west of the large outcropping of rocks and north of the river. There are tall weeds growing in the river close by. Placing the amulet on the tombstone produces a treasure chest between the tombstone and the rock outcropping.
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