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Penny Arcade's


Table of Contents
| chapter?				    | Code |
| starting the game and general info	    | X01  |
| What a girl wants			    | X02  |
| The Gatekeeper			    | X03  |
| Love is blind				    | X04  |
| I see crazy people			    | X05  |
| Moving on up 				    | X06  |
| Monkey fight				    | X07  |
| World's Fair				    | X08  |

| starting the game and general info	    | X01  |

This walkthrough was created while playing through on "Insane Mode".  As such,
there are a couple spoilers that are not available when playing in regular
mode.  After starting a new game, the option will be provided to load an
existing character from episode  1, or create a new character.  If you chose to
load a character from episode 1, you will start the game with the "Silent One
Garb"  outfit which adds +100 hit points to your character.  After starting the
game, you will be shown a brief cinematic which recaps the first episode and
sets the scene for the second to begin.

| What a girl wants			    | X02  |

After the cinematic plays through, you start a dialogue with Tycho and Gabe.
If you click the second option repeatedly, you can learn a bit more of the back
story and unlock your first "Triumph", the "Reluctant Hero".  The first option
must be selected eventually for the game to continue.  After agreeing to team
up with the Tycho and Gabe, you are instructed to visit Anne-Claire, which is
now a photo that can be selected in your map.  You will also have the two cases
"The Housing Crisis" and "Steel Vengeance".  (To access the map, either click
on the bottom of the screen where the icon turns into a piece of paper, or
click the Agency Icon in the upper right corner of the screen to bring you to
your Agency room.  Once in the room, click the map on the wall.)  Once in the
room, click the telescope for concept art 1.  Walk all the way to the right of
the room, and click on the machine that looks like an arcade system (referred
to as "another metallic box with lights and wires) for concept art 2.  Directly
above that, click on the old radio to unlock the Album 1.  Last, fell free to
smash the crate in the room for a random item to be used in battle.  After
collecting all the items, talk to Anne-Claire to learn that she needs an old
engine, five bolts of silk, and raw Energite.  You'll also unlock the case
"What a girl wants".  Further conversation will clarify the three items she's
requested, and also explain that Dr. Jonathan Crazoir can be found at the
Cloying Odor Sanitarium.  This conversation also unlocks that location on your
map.  Finally, by ending the conversation, Anne-Claire will become a support
character that you can call on in battle.

After concluding the conversation, click on your map and return to Desperation
Street to collect the old engine.  It's lying on the ground in front of the
smashed truck.  If playing on Insane Mode, you can also open the trunk which
contains the Insane Collectable 1 item.  Go back to the agency screen, and
click on the coat rack on the right hand side.  The first set of clothing is
locked, however if a character was continued from the first episode, the second
set of clothing should be available.  If available, it can be equipped for +100
hit points.  If playing in insane mode, you'll notice that the third clothing
set has four parts, and one has been found. Exit the coat rack screen, and
click on the map to proceed to the CLoying Odor Sanitarium.

Once at the sanitarium, you will be able to smash a crate and a wheelchair.
When approaching the 'patient', a dialogue starts which provides more story,
and gives the option for turning the fighting tutorial on or off.  As the
tutorial explains how to use the spacebar to block, click on icons to attack or
use items, and how to execute special moves or combos, I am not going to.
After winning that fight, continue to progress through the area heading north,
collecting the items from breakables and killing all the patients.  The
bouncing box after crossing the first bridge contains your first fruit f#$&er.
You have to kill it for parts to upgrade your weapons.  After the battle with
the defiler of oranges, click the top section of the screen to continue to the
next section.  The first fight will turn into a three on three battle.  After
winning, click on the bouncing yet dead toad (?) to the left to engage a couple
more fruit f#$&ers.  Continue across the bridge, and be warned that the next
fight will be a series of 6 opponents.  Proceed further north to start a
dialogue with Dr. Jonathan Crazoir.  During your robot conversation, he will
agree to divulge the nature of his research and gift you a monkey punch card if
you procure for him official release papers.  This also unlocks the case "The
Manacled Machinist".  Again, continue north to the asylum.  Approach the
patient in front of the fountain to initiate a battle that he will flee from.
After, I suggest starting a battle with the group on the right of the fountain
to help level up.  After defeating them, take on the group to the left which
includes a mini boss.  Also be sure to collect all items from breakables, and
click on the center statue in the fountain to collect concept art 3.  Last,
click on the bouncing toad to the right of the asylum door to initiate your
third fruit f#$&er fight.  Continue into the asylum

| The Gatekeeper			    | X03  |

Speak with the woman behind the desk to meet Pearl.  After some more
conversing, you will be told that she wants to add color to the room, and be
given the case "The Gatekeeper".  Go back to Anne-Claire and initiate
conversation.  She will tell you she needs a 14mm gold bolt, and unlock the
areas "Riverbrook Park Estates" & "Symposium on the Future of Man".  Continue
to talk and give her the motor picked up earlier.  Also, to ask how to appease
Pearl and be given the suggestion of flowers.  Last, inform Anne-Claire of the
ever persistent fruit f#$&ers to be given the option to upgrade and unlock the
case "What a Girl Needs".  I would suggest upgrading the character who you find
the most difficult to execute the special move for, as you'll have more
opportunities to max out their special move bonus.  At this point, I would
suggest proceeding to the Symposium.

Once in the Symposium, click on the books on the leftmost end table against the
back wall.  This will unlock concept art 9.  We are also going to collect all
the flowers, however please note that you only actually need the pink ones.
Click the yellow flower to the left of the door in the center of the wall, and
the red flower to the right of the door.  Then speak with the snooty woman
behind the desk to learn that the trophy displayed on the desk has a molecule
of Energite and can be obtained by winning the monkey fighting tournament.
This will give you the item "Mr. Tails" and unlock the case "Credentials".
After your talk, enter the door to the right of the screen.

After the end of the first table in the very font of the screen, is our 1st
pink flower.  Walk all the way to the right of the screen while keeping the
table in view to pick up a red flower.  Then speak with Dr. Stripe (the mime)
to discover he's lost his wedding rings.  Offer to help find them to unlock
case "The Blessed Union of Souls".  After accepting the case, walk north along
the right wall to fine pink flower #2, and behind it a yellow flower.  Proceed
to run all the way to the northern end of the hall to find another yellow
flower in the right corner, and a Daisy to the left of the stairs.  Proceed all
the way to the left along the stage to talk to the rare bolts man.  Select the
top options for amusing dialogue, but only the option which says "Hey, doesn't
Anne-Claire need these" will progress the storyline.  Once you are given the
option to select a bolt, chose the 13mm option (yes, that is typed correctly,
have trust).  If you pick the wrong bolt, you can trade it later.  Go back to
your map and select the "Riverbrook Park Estates"

When at the Estates, if playing in insane mode, open the box in the upper left
corner of the screen to unlock insane collectible 3.  You can also talk to your
old friend Kurtis at the make shift booth to learn about the new items he's
selling in this episode.  Notice one of the items are the engagement rings.
Behind Kurtis is a large sign for Riverbrook Park Estates with two more flowers
to collect on each side.  After picking them up, click on the garbage to the
left of the sign to unlock concept art 6.  Note: the breakables in this area
are the small, white lights(?) on the ground, the purple trash bins, and the
gold mailboxes.  After collecting all the items, proceed to initiate a battle
with the lovers standing in the center of the road.  Proceed right down the
road and click on the rose in the first box on the far side of the street.
Walk towards yourself (south?) to see a bouncing bird to the right.  Click on
it to initiate yet another robot fight.  Afterwards, continue to move right
killing and looting until you come to a gilderoy machine that looks like a
pop-corn popper.  (It's on the far side of the road just before you click to
progress to the next scene.)  Click on the machine to initiate a cinematic and
access it.  Put in the 13mm bolt to coat it in gold (and make it a slightly
larger 14mm bolt).  Once finished, pick up the daisy in front of the machine
and proceed to the right to access the next scene.

| Love is blind				    | X04  |

Walk a little to the right and click on the piece of paper on the ground in
front of the first golden bench.  Click on the 2nd flower pot to the right of
the bench to pick up an Iris.  Walk back to the front of the screen to see the
fountain and some breakables in front of it.  Clicking on the center statue of
the fountain will unlock concept at 7.  There is also a bouncing bird on the
right side of the fountain which has more fruit f#$&ers.  Also feel free to
take out the lovers behind the fountain.  Again, moving to the right, there is
another piece of paper on the ground in front of the tree to the left of the
white car.  Pick it up and proceed right.  Ignore the bank and ATM-like machine
for now, and pick up the iris in the flowerbox.  Proceed to the far right of
the screen to pick up the third and final piece of paper on the ground, and
pick up the third and final purple flower in the hedges.  Click on the plaque
on the building to pick up concept art 8.  Walk towards the gate (that you've
already been told you can't enter) and initiate a conversation with the two
lovers.  In the following fight, you can kill the man first and then the woman,
or you can kill the woman first and the fight will end.  Either way, you'll
receive the engagement rings afterwards.  Open the map and head back to the

Talk with Pearl again and give her the pink flowers.  She'll then want
chocolates, which you should have from killing the lovers, but she won't take
as they currently are.  End the conversation with her and notice that the
chocolate box in front of her falls to the floor.  Pick it up and talk to her
again.  Give her the box of chocolates and find out that she's still not
satisfied.  End the conversation and go back to Anne-Claire once again for more

Talk with Anne-Claire and give her the 14mm gold bolt.  Ask for help with
Pearl's new demands, and upgrade another weapon.  Then head back to the
Riverbrook Park Estates and walk over to the far right to get to the ATM-like
machine, killing the handful of privileged elite you encounter along the way.
In front of the ATM is another mini-boss who you will have defeat to proceed.
Once you do so, you will get a bank card which will allow you to access the
bank machine. Click on the ATM machine on the wall of the bank to access a
menu.  You can inspect the three pieces of paper that you've picked up earlier
and see the last digit 1, the first digit 3, and the second, upside-down digit
6.  Insert the bank card and press the numbers 361.  Then select any option to
withdraw $1,000,000.  Head back to the start of the zone and talk to the
salesman Kurtis  to by the bracelet.  While you're at it, ask about the
phonograph a few times and you'll be given it for free.  If you continued a
character from the first episode and got the phonograph horn in that game, you
will shortly get Div as another support character.  Head back to the Sanitarium
again to give Pearl the bracelet.

| I see crazy people			    | X05  |

After giving Pearl the bracelet, the door behind her opens.  Enter to view the
sleeping area of the asylum.  The carts and padded trash barrels are the
breakable items on this screen.  Proceed to the double doors on the left side
and slightly down the hall.  They're the only doors you can enter at the moment
as the ones at the far end are currently locked.  Proceed left to kick off
another cinematic, dialogue, and more cinematic.  After the movies end, you
must save your brain from chemical destruction by playing a mini game.  Once
the game has been completed, the case "Comeuppance" is unlocked.

You awaken to find yourself in a dungeon.  Head left to the next scene and go
down the first hallway.  Travel all the way to the right and pick up your hoe
which is lying against the door.  You can also say "hello" to Tycho but you're
unable to help him at the moment.  Head all the way back to the left, go to the
previous scene, and then head left again to take the second hallway.  Once in
the second hallway, immediately click on the metal pile in the lower right
corner of the screen to pick up the Manacles of the Iron Maiden.  Also, click
on the third door to the left to unlock concept art 5.  Walk to the left a bit
and click on the skeleton in the cage on the floor to pick up the Nail file.
Again, you can say "Hello" to Gabe, but you're unable to help him at the moment
either.  Head back to the right to the previous scene.

Once back in the hallway, head left to talk to the guard.  You will
automatically engage in conversation when you get close enough.  Talk to him
and offer him the nail file.  He will give you the keys, and you can go back
down the first hallway to let Tycho out.  Head back to the second hallway with
Tycho and head all the way to the left.  Talk to Gabe, and when given the
option, pull both switches to set him loose.  Travel back to the main hallway
and banter with the guard again to initiate another fight.  Another cinematic
follows, and you realize you need Anne-Claire's help yet again.  Proceed left
to the next scene.  In the 'lockers' on the wall, you can open four.  One has a
few fruit f#$&ers, another unlocks album3, and the last two are empty.  Also,
in the nearest right corner is another chest for insane mode which has the
collectable 2 inside.  Last, on the leftmost wall, the top-left clipboard
unlocks concept art 4.  When finished on this screen, proceed left to engage in
a handful of fights.  Play through the zone to make your way back outside.

Once outside, you can go back to Anne-Claire, but I would recommend killing the
extra guys outside for the xp.  There are two in the fountain scene, another
two after you cross the first bridge, and three when you cross the last bridge.
After cleaning up the zone, head back to Anne-Claire's for the fuse.  While
you're there, you should also have enough parts to get your third weapon
upgrade.When back at the Sanitarium, make your way back to the fuse box and
insert the new fuse.  After Gabe's pseudo ghost story and a brief cinematic,
you get thrown into another battle.  After beating the spiders, you get two
bolts of silk.  You have to kill the other three groups to get all 5 bolts of
silk that Anne-Claire needs.  There's one group of spiders in each scene of the
dungeon.  Once the arachnids are dead, head back to Dr. Wolfington's Office
killing off the patients that stand in your way.  Once in the office, walk over
to the hunter to engage in conversation and a mini boss battle.  A word of
warning, his first attack hypnotizes you, and you'll attack each other.  The
only way to break the hypnosis is to be hit.  Also, the good Dr. is impervious
to team-up attacks, so save you meters for other things.  Once you've turned
Wolfington into another bear mat, you'll finish the quest cuppanence, get a
book, and the outfit the "Murder Safari".  Collect the key on the desk, and the
paper on the table behind the desk.  You can also continually click on the
rhino's neither regions to unlock another triumph "Pervert".  Head back outside
and over to Jonathan Crazoir to give him the newly acquired release papers.
Enjoy the cinematic and collect your reward.

| Moving on up				    | X06  |

Head back over to the Riverbrook Estates to use the gold key on the gold gate
at the far end of the zone.  Enter the house and initiate conversation with
Charles who proceeds to kick your butt in a mock battle.  After the cinematic,
click on the piano to unlock album 2.  Head up the stairs to be taunted by
Charles again.  Proceed to the center of the floor to engage in another fight
with the rich.  After finishing with them, click on the bouncing sandwich to
call out the robots.  Head to the left and up the stairs to get to floor 7,
which is essentially a repeat of the previous floor - again kill the people in
the middle and click on the bouncing sandwich for more fruit f#$&ers, then head
left and up the stairs.  On the eighth floor you'll be taunted again, and the
bouncing sandwich will be on the table before you get to the center of the room
where the rich are waiting.  To the left and up the stairs brings you to the
final floor.

Walk over to the landlord to initiate a conversation.  You'll be drawn into a
battle with Charles, who you quickly find out isn't a worthy adversary.  While
you stall for time in the fight, control switches exclusively to Tycho who is
in the library of the apt.

As Tycho, click on the two red objects on the tables, which are the Evil Comb,
and the Horned Skull.  Walk to the right and pick up the book in the pink
chair, and the one on the desk.  Last, take the evil calendar that's attached
to the book shelf on the right.  The scene switches back to the player again,
where you have to hit Charles once.  Then, back as Tycho, again walk over to
the right side of the screen.  A book will fall out of the book case.  Pick it
up to get the black ledger, the third monkey card, and end this series of
events.  One final hit to Charles starts another cinematic which draws to a
close all your activities in the Riverbrook Estates.

| Monkey fight				    | X07  |

Go to the Symposium, and enter the monkey fight three times to win the
Energite.  Afterward, head right into the next room to speak with the mime
doctor and return his engagement rings.  When back at Anne-Claire's, give her
the silk and Energite.  You'll be given Mr. Tails as a support character and a
Symposium ticket.  While you're there, also upgrade another set of weapons.
Then head back to the Symposium.  Talk to the woman behind the desk to be
granted admittance, then click on the door to the right.  In the hall, head to
the right wall to find your old friend Ernald.  Agree to get his petition
signed to get the last case "The Problematic Petition".  If playing in Insane
mode, you can also open the last chest which is along the right wall just
beyond Ernald.  This will complete and unlock your special outfit which has a
+150 attack.

The correct order of doctors for signing the petition is:
1) blond doctor in center of room
2) Dr. Stripe
3) Dr. Twee
4) Dr. Drei
5) Dr. Quatromain
6) Dr. Blood

A rough map of the room and the doctors locations:
|    =___________________=   |
|    =                   =   |
|                            |
|  6               2         |
|                            |
|                            |
|            5  1            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                   4        |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|            3               |

After getting all signatures, head back to Ernald to complete the case.  You'll
be awarded Urine-aid which increases your Max HP by +250.  Head towards the
stage to start the lecture.  Head towards Dr. Krangle at the podium to get his
signature for Anne-Claire.  After the book has been signed there is some more
dialogue and cinematic, and then you'll be attacked by a living furnace.  After
defeating it, Dr. Blood will explain more of the situation to you.  This will
unlock the final map area "The World's Fair" and Dr. Blood will join your team
as a support character.Once the cinematic ends and you have control of your
characters, walk towards the front of the screen to kill the four fruit f#$&ers
that are in the hall.  Pending your survival, head to the world fair.

| World's Fair				    | X08  |

When at the gates to the fair, head right to begin your first of many battles.
After winning, keep heading right to battle more fruit f#$&ers.  Then head
further right and north to another fight.  At this point, you should be in
front of the Conveyalator.  Head slightly left and click on the bar with the
umbrella to unlock concept art 10.  Then head right to go to the next scene.
After winning your fourth battle in this zone, try to avoid the fruit f#$&ers
and walk over to the neon blue tower/light on the far side of the screen, to
the right of the machine that looks like a scale.  Use this machine, the
ameliorator, to upgrade another set of weapons.  Also, click on the peanut
stand to unlock concept art 11.  Now, with your new upgrade, engage the robots.
A trick for the rest of the game, Dr. Blood does a lot of damage to fruit
f#$&ers.  You can use his support character to bring them down to 180 hit
points, then use either Gabe's or your own third special move to kill them all
at once.  After beating those robots, head to the stand to the upper right and
take on some more.  You should now have enough parts for your final weapon
upgrade.  Go back to the ameliorator to get the upgrade and close the case
"What a girl wants".  Then, continue right to go to the third scene.

Click on the stand behind you to unlock album 4.  Precede right and north and
right again to learn about prongs and see a few more robots on the ground.
After killing them, do NOT continue to head right - you will die.  Head back a
bit to the left, and then north to approach another peanut stand.  Head further
north and approach the robots in front of the generator.  Once they've been
defeated, click on the generator to connect the plugs.  Head back to the
scale-like machine in the previous scene.  After killing the math nerds, click
on the lever of the future to lower the bridge.  Then, head left to the first
scene to kill more baddies and push the big red button.  Watch the cinematic,
then head back right two scene to where the train crash is, killing the men and
robots as you go.  Enter the train sticking out of the left side of the orange,
and fight the last normal battle of the game.  After killing off the last four
men, proceed up the ramp to the top of the orange.  As you're almost to the
top, you'll enter a battle with the fruit f#$&er prime's prong.  I'd suggest
throwing all of your explosives at it to end the fight quickly.  Finally, head
up the ladder for the final boss fight.

When you approach the final boss, you being a conversation with the villain,
Dr. Mordo von Mundo.  After starting the fight, you need to do enough damage to
the fruit f#$&er that it engages its system restore.  At this point, Aunt
Anne-Claire will arrive to save the day.  The easiest way to win is to select
her third button to slow fruit f#$&er down, the first button to power up, and
finally the second button to attack.  Enjoy the final cinematic and the end

*note* you should have unlocked everything except one concept art which I was
unable to find.  If/when I discover the location, I will update this document.