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HeartWork -Symphony of Destruction- walkthrough


HeartWork is a visual novel was released in Japan in 1997 by Active Soft and 
translated in English in 2009. It tells the story of a cursed gun that falls 
into the hands of an ordinary high-schooler.
There are 19 possible endings you can get. As in the game they are only 
referred to by numbers, I gave them my own names.

WARNING. The game has explicit scenes of sex and violence, so if that bothers 
you, don't play the game and don't read the walkthrough either.


Open it
Play the tape
(Save 1)
Do nothing
(Save 14)
Inform the police
ENDING NO.3 (Angel vs. Devil) 

From Save 1
Stop playing the tape
(Save 2)
Ignore it
(Save 3)
Surrender it to the police
ENDING NO.2 (Riding the Bullet)

From Save 2
Surrender it to the police
ENDING NO.1 (Down with a Bang)

From Save 3
Take some time to think about it
Resist getting up OR Struggle out of bed
(Save 4)
Keep it at home
(Save 5)
Today isn't good
ENDING NO.12 (Violation of Innocence)

From Save 5
(Save 6)
Return the gun
ENDING NO.13 (The First and Last and Always)

From Save 6
Don't return the gun
Keep up the lie
ENDING NO.14 (The Letter of New Beginning) 

From Save 4
Take it with me to school
(Save 7)
Today isn't good
(Save 8)
Honestly apologize for having it
ENDING NO.17 (Love Your Sister)

From Save 8
Say it is Matsui's fault
Take him up on his offer
(Save 9)
Pull the trigger
ENDING NO.10 (On the Angel Wings)

From Save 9
Leap back and evade the gun barrel
ENDING NO.11 (In the Park)

From Save 8
(Save 12)
Deliberately miss
(Save 10)
Shoot Misaki
ENDING NO.7 (Too Close)

From Save 10
Choose a suitable girl to shoot
(Save 11)
Tell Matsui my plan
ENDING NO.8 (Duel Lost)

From Save 11
Say nothing to Matsui
ENDING NO.9 (Evil Escape)

From Save 12
Deathblow! Colorado Reaper!
ENDING NO.16 (Betrayal)

From Save 7
(Save 13)
Honestly apologize for having it
Say you can't and turn her down
I've got to do it
ENDING NO.18 (Sweet Dreams)

From Save 13
Say it is Matsui's fault
Take him up on his offer
Pull the trigger OR Leap back and evade the gun barrel
ENDINGS NO.10 OR 11 respectively but with an extra CG

From Save 13
Deathblow! Colorado Reaper!
ENDING NO.15 (Revenge of the Fallen)

From Save 14
Become the hunter
(Save 17)
Take a shower 
Have a drink
(Save 15)
I will switch and be the backup
ENDING NO.5 (Born in Darkness)

From Save 15
I will take the lead
(Save 16)
I will not betray Angel
ENDING NO.6 (No Rest for the Wicked)

From Save 16
I will try to save them
ENDING NO.4 (Return from Underworld)

From Save 17
Not drive
Don't take a shower
Have a drink
I will take the lead
I will try to save them
ENDING NO.19 (Fury of Heavens)

P.S. Apparently one Sex CG window and one Album window cannot be accessed in 
the English version of the game even after completing it. Seems to be a bug on 
the publisher's side. 

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