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How do you use Runes?

Ok so I go into the Runes page but I have no idea how to place runes.... I click on the various buttons with Marks, Seals...etc. but nothing happens. Do I not have any runes yet or something? I have various slots unlocked but I can't find how to fill them. Is there a certain level you receive runes at?

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HRBMaster answered:

You buy them in the store, then they are available on your own runepages on summoner profile. Select runepage 1 or 2 and drag and drop them to the unlocked slots. Upon champion slection you choose which runepage you want to use in the upcomming game.
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cjpv1 answered:

You have to buy them. They are in the store under runes.
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Wojcha answered:

When you buy them, drag them to the slots depending on which color is the rune. Like HRBMaster said, you choose what page you want to use at the champion selection screen. But be sure that you SAVE the page when you enter Runes in them.
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Yme12345 answered:

You go to the shop, press runes and buy runes with either RP or IP. But just don't buy the level 1 runes as they are a waste of money. Then go to profile, rune page and add teh runes to your rune page.
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activedino99 answered:

U have to cokmed ur way out
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