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In the harrowing map, are the things in the bottom right corner anything?

If you play the harrowing map, you see if u go to the bottom right corner 3 graveyard things and they seem like they could be future champions, anyone know anything about it? also what is urf the manatee?

Accepted Answer

anilEhilated answered:

Urf was an April Fools joke, the rest of the graves are champions that didn't make it past various phases of development. They aren't future champions, they're past champions that didn't make it into the game.
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ellis123 answered:

Urf the Manatee was an April Fools joke (a fake hero). He, however, is now food for Warwick.

And the things you see in the map aren't indicative of new heroes, and are there purely for aesthetic purposes.
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