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Asked: 2 years ago

Life steal?

Does life steal work on abilities too?

Additional details - 2 years ago

So say I use Sejuani. Her charge uses a physical strike and that would apply with life steal?

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From: anilEhilated 2 years ago

Only on abilities that outright state that they apply on-hit effects in their description.

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Unless the ability alters your basic attack, no.

Spell Vamp is for abilities most of the time (almost every ability not covered by the first line that deals damage).

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life steal only works on some physical attacked damage based skills, like Gangplanks Parrrrrlay
But if you say want to use Pantheons spear you need spell vamp.
(just examples)

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So on your example, no. Sejuani's Q just uses attack damage for its damage calculations, it does not apply on-hit effects, hence no lifesteal.

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