League of Legends Character Guide: Caitlyn
  • Author: Arthur Perra
  • Date Created: January 16, 2013
  • Date Last Updated: January 26, 2013
  • Current Version: 1.01
  • Current Patch: Thresh


This guide will assume that you understand the basics of League of Legends. I am expecting you to know how to control your character, how to win the game, and how teams typically will go about doing so. Nothing in this guide will go over anything basic unless it is an essential part of playing Caitlyn effectively.

Caitlyn is a poke heavy Attack Damage carry. She combines her long range with her abilities to keep her opponents shut down. This guide will be covering the basic strategies to play Caitlyn successfully on Summoner's Rift. It is expected that you will be laning in the bottom lane with a support.

Base Stats

AttributeValue (Level Increase)
Health390 (+80)
Health Regeneration4.75 (+0.55)
Attack Damage47 (+3)
Attack Speed0.668 (+3%)
Mana255 (+35)
Mana Regeneration6.5 (+0.55)
Armor13 (+3.5)
Magic Resistance30
Movement Speed325

Caitlyn has the absolute highest range at level one of any champion in the game. This stat is what gives her power to zone opponents completely throughout the early levels of the game. No champion can simply buy range which makes the stat priceless.

Headshot (Passive)

Every 8 / 7 / 6 basic attacks (attacks while in brush count as 2), Caitlyn will fire a headshot dealing 150% damage to a champion or 250% damage to a minion.

Your passive gives you an extra tool that is great for harassing your opponents in laning, farming minions, and taking jungle minions. During laning, you want to try to auto attack your opponent with every headshot you get. Do not do this if it means you will miss a minion kill, as opponents will generally try to back away when you have your passive ready. This ability also lets you kill jungle monsters significantly faster if you are standing in a brush while fighting them. You can even use this against Dragon if you position properly.

Piltover Peacemaker (Q)

Revs the rifle for 1 second to fire a piercing shot dealing 20 / 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 (+ 130% AD) physical damage. Deals 10% less damage to each subsequent target down to a minimum of 50%.

  • Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana
  • Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds
  • Range: 1300
  • Minimum Damage: 10 / 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 (+ 65% AD)

Piltover Peacemaker gives you a long range poke on a rather short cooldown. Mastering the use of this ability with your passive gives you a ridiculous amount of control during the early laning phase. If you can land this semi-consistently you will be able to shut down absolutely any other AD carry in laning. Typically, you want to avoid firing this into a minion wave, unless you are intentionally trying to push the wave out.

Yordle Snap Trap (W)

Sets a trap that an enemy Champion can spring immobilizing and revealing them for a short duration. The trap deals 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+ 60% AP) magic damage over 1.5 seconds, and lasts for 4 minutes. Only 3 traps may be active at once.

  • Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana
  • Cooldown: 20 / 17 / 14 / 11 / 8 seconds
  • Placement Range: 800
  • Activation Range: 150

There are multiple strategies you can employ with your traps. Typically, you will always take this skill at the start of the game which will give you time to place three traps before minions start spawning. Beyond that point, you should always try to keep three traps inside of your lane to further press your control. If an enemy steps on a trap, you get a free shot at them with your peacemaker. Keep in mind that this ability will reveal what is in a bush when you place it, usually. There is a bug where sometimes it just decides not to, so be careful if the bush does not light up.

A trick you need to be aware of when using the skill is the ability to chain it after a teammate locks an enemy down. It is not easy to do so, but the reward for it is generally a guaranteed kill.

90 Caliber Net (E)

Fires a net dealing 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+ 80% AP) magic damage and slowing an enemy by 50% for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 second(s). Knocks Caitlyn back.

  • Cost: 75 mana
  • Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds
  • Range: 800
  • Knockback Distance: 400

One point is all you need in this skill. When you fire this ability, you fly in the opposite direction of the shot. You are able to jump over some walls with this ability, which is very useful for escaping and kiting. It is very rare that you will use this ability offensively, but keep in mind that it is possible. Also remember that this ability is not instant as moving you, so you can still get caught by something like a Darius pull after casting this.

Ace in the Hole (R)

Takes a second to line up the perfect shot, firing a bullet at an enemy Champion dealing 250 / 475 / 700 (+ 200% bonus AD) physical damage at range. Other enemy Champions can intercept the bullet.

  • Cost: 100 mana
  • Cooldown: 90 / 75 / 60 seconds
  • Range: 2000 / 2500 / 3000

The instinct with this ability is to use it as a final blow to a fleeing enemy. For most cases, that is what you will be saving this ability for. You must take note of where enemies are, as your ultimate can be blocked by any other opponent. Because of this, you may want to use E to reposition yourself quickly before a shot in order to get a clearer or unpredictable shot on an opponent. You can also use this ability to poke if the situation calls for it.


Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor's location.

  • Cooldown: 300 seconds
  • Range: 400
  • Summoner's Insight: Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds

Flash is the most useful summoner spell in the game. It can be used offensively, defensively, and having it available gives you control in a lane. There simply is nothing as good as it, so I am going to recommend it as your first summoner spell always.


Ignite deals 50 + (20 * level) true damage to target enemy over 5 seconds and reduces healing effects by 50% for the duration.

  • Cooldown: 210 seconds
  • Range: 600
  • Summoner's Wrath: Increases Ability Power and Attack Damage by 5 while on cooldown

Ignite gives you the potential to get a kill early in the game. Often times, people will flash away when they get low. If you hit them with ignite before they flash, they often die to the burn damage. Also, Ignite is good for countering heals. It halves any heal, life steal, spell vamp, or health regeneration. This makes the spell very powerful against a Soraka lane.


Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and reduces the duration of disables by 65% for the next 3 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 210
  • Summoner's Resolve: Increases duration of disable reduction by 1 second

Cleanse removes the damage from Ignite and all effects from Exhaust. The spell is particularly good if you are against an Ashe, Sona, Taric, Varus, or Leona whom all have very strong crowd control that can be used against you early in the game.


Temporarily shields 95 + (20 * level) damage from your champion for 2 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 210 seconds
  • Summoner's Resolve: Increases shield amount by 20

This spell works like Heal used to. It is very useful for baiting an opponent into over extending, and can also be used to counter some ultimates such as Karthus's and Caitlyn's. The duration of Barrier is short, so be sure to press it right before you will take damage to avoid wasting it.

Other Summoner Spells

You typically will not have a reason to take anything else. Flash plus one from the trio of other spells is going to be your choice 99 percent of the time. In theory, Ghost is a good pick to grant you more mobility, but you lose out on the combat effectiveness from one of the three above. Taking Ghost over Flash is simply a bad idea on almost anyone.

Exhaust is also a rare option, if your support does not take it. The rest of the spells are more gimmicks than anything. If your team is running a Revive or Teleport strategy, go have fun. I cannot recommend them under standard conditions.


  • 9 Greater Marks of Attack Damage
  • 9 Greater Seals of Armor
  • 9 Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist
  • 3 Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage

This is simply the best rune setup for most AD carries. The Armor and Magic Reist allow you to stay in lane against the harassment of the opposing AD carry and support. Attack Damage makes it easier for you to last hit minions. Your main job is to farm as many minions as you can so you can buy items to carry your team through the late game. This setup simply is the best to help you accomplish your main goal.


I use two different mastery builds on Caitlyn. Which one I pick depends on which summoner spells I select. If you do something odd such as Ignite and Barrier, you may need to modify these further to fit your needs.

21 / 0 / 9

Take these masteries when using Ignite with Flash.

22 / 1 / 7

Take these masteries when using Cleanse or Barrier with Flash.

Both of these builds focus on taking the physical damage increasing masteries as well as mana increasing ones. Caitlyn loves mana, as it allows her to spam her Q in lane for harass. As for the specifics on these builds, you are free to change around some of the minor things. If you fell that you do not need the increased minion damage, toss them into increased attack speed. Some people prefer CDR to attack speed, and that is fine. It really is whatever you want to do with some of the masteries.

Skill Order

Piltover Peacemaker (Q)xxxxx
Yordle Snap Trap (W)xxxxx
90 Caliber Net (E)xxxxx
Ace in the Hole (R)xxx

You want to start with your trap to give yourself time to place three traps before the game starts. Afterwards, you will want to max your Q to improve your damage output. Your traps are maxed second because of the reduced cooldown. At that point in the game, you should be frequently moving your traps. E is maxed last as you do not typically use it for the slow or damage.

Option 1
  • Crystalline Flask
  • 2 Health Potions
  • 1 Mana Potion

I really like this build, especially on Caitlyn. The amount of sustain combined with the mana you get allows to poke any opponent constantly. You may even opt for more mana potions or perhaps substitute a ward in there if it suits your needs. This build simply gives you the best sustained damage and allows you to stay in lane the longest.

Option 2
  • Doran's Blade

If you have a support that can heal you, I would strongly consider this starting item. It provides you with everything you want early in the game at the cost of being rather useless late game. I do not recommend getting this item as anything other than a starting item. The last set of changes to this item solidifies it as being useful only in the early game.

Option 3
  • Long Sword
  • 2 Health Potions

The beauty of this build is the early upgrade into a Vampiric Scepter. You will be getting the Bloodthrister as your first major item, so it does make a lot of sense to start with this build. If you feel that you do not need the mana from the first build, go with this.

Option 4
  • Boots of Speed
  • 3 Health Potions

There is nothing in particular that is bad about this start. It simply does not stand out currently. The movement speed is nice, but it is not as big of an issue as it used to be. This is simply the safe start if you do not know what to get.

Early Purchases

  • B.F. Sword
  • Boots of Speed
  • Vampiric Scepter
  • Berserker's Greaves

This is completely standard for any AD carry. Ideally, you want to purchase a B.F. Sword on your first recall. Sometimes this will not happen, so do not get angry if you have to some or all of the other items before it. In the end you will complete all of these items quickly.

Core Items

  1. The Bloodthirster
  2. Statikk Shiv

Your first big item is the Bloodthirster. Caitlyn has two abilities that scale very well with bonus attack damage, and no other item in the game will give you as much damage as this one item. The Bloodthirster simply gives you more damage faster than your opponent. Statikk Shiv is my recommendation for your second big item. My reasoning is that the item is cheaper. Even though it is weaker, you will have two large items finished significantly faster than the opposing AD carry. If you disagree with me, a Phantom Dancer is still a viable option.

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is a required item on every AD carry. Caitlyn is able to postpone getting it until late in the game, but she cannot skip it. Get it immediately after you finish your core items if you do not feel that you need a Last Whisper sooner.

Last Whisper

This is another item that is essential. You will be getting this one as your last item, if you do not need it sooner. If you notice that the other team has a Taric, or maybe a few of them have a decent amount of armor (about 100 or more), then you should look into getting this item next. Generally you will find that you need this immediately after your core, Infinity Edge, or not at all until your last item. It completely depends on your opponents.

Guardian Angel

This or a Quick Silver Sash will be your only defensive item. Typically, you will get a Guardian Angel if you took Cleanse, your support has a Mikael's Crucible, or you do not feel that your opponents have enough crowd control to warrant a Quick Silver Sash over a Guardian's Angel. As for when to get this, you typically just have to know if you are being dove onto by the enemy team or if your team just cannot peel for you. Those are good indicators that you will need this item. Just get this when you feel that you cannot live without it.

Mercurial Scimitar

If you decided that a Quick Silver Sash is better than a Guardian Angel, you will be getting this item. This item allows you to get out of any crowd control or damage over time that you are affected by, which is amazing for an AD carry. My only word of caution is to not rush this new item. It is not a cost effective upgrade. Do not get me wrong, Quick Silver Sash is a good item to get as soon as you feel the need for it. However, the upgrade is just not worth the gold when you could be purchasing other items that are far more gold efficient. When you have nothing else to buy, then you should upgrade to it.

Boot Enchantments

I recommend the Furor Enchantment. Basically, purchase this whenever you have the 650 gold and cannot yet purchase your next large item. Furor allows you to kite and chase easier, and you need to be able to do both as an AD carry.

You might also want to consider Homeguard if your team is losing. This will allow you to quickly be able to defend points in your base which is a huge help in some situations.

Finally, Distortion is the last option I would consider. If I am running Ghost and Flash, I would definitely pick this up to lower both cooldowns by a huge amount.


An early Brutalizer can work well with Caitlyn. You are comparable to an AD caster. Unfortunately, upgrading to a Black Cleaver is hardly worth it for you. Caitlyn does not have any way to quickly apply the Black Cleaver debuff. I cannot recommend that item, but you are more than welcome to work a Brutalizer into your build.

Phantom Dancer

This item, or Statikk Shiv if you chose to get Phantom Dancer as part of your core, can be an effective alternative to a defensive item. I personally would advise against getting both in the same game. If you feel that a defensive item is not as good for you as more offense, go for it. Alternatively, you can replace your Statikk Shiv with this more powerful item during the late game.

Executioner's Calling

This item is very situational. Get this only if you are running into opponents who are simply healing too much from life steal, spell vamp, health regeneration, or heals. This item will shut those down. Unfortunately, it is incredibly rare for any situation to really call for this. If it does happen, just do not forget that this item is an option.

Extreme Late Game Items

Sometimes, a game will just not end. You might end up with a 50 minute, 60 minute, or even longer game. In these rare cases, there are a few items you may want to consider.

Warmog's Armor is an option for survivability. At an extreme late game, you need to be able to survive to deal damage. Zephyr can also be a useful item to allow you to get past heavy slows or stuns. You cannot be expected to have Quick Silver Sash ready for everything, and this can potentially save you in some situations. Plus the movement speed it offers can be a decent replacement for the boots you would be trading in to get this.

There really are not many other options at that point. Good luck.

Standard Final Build

  • Berserker's Greaves: Furor Enchantment
  • The Bloodthirster
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Last Whisper
  • Infinity Edge
  • Guardian Angel

Statikk Shiv should be switched to a Phantom Dancer once you run out of things to build. As always, once you have a completed final build, do not forget to purchase elixirs.

  1. Elixir of Fortitude
  2. Elixir of Brilliance

Any items I did not list are ones you should be avoiding. Doran's Blade is an option for an early game item that I did not cover too much. They are slightly better early, but they lost their mid game use and resell value.

Runaan's Hurricane has an interesting effect. It allows you to build up Headshot three times faster. If you are in a bush and hitting three opponents, every single auto attack will be a headshot. Unfortunately, only the primary target will take the additional damage from your passive. It ends up being a cool effect, but I personally do not feel that it is worth more than any of your other items. You are only gaining attack speed from it, and the secondary bolts cannot get critical strikes and only deal half damage. That is the problem with this item. It is made for on hit builds, not AD carry builds. Any other item I did not mention is one you probably should never buy on Caitlyn.

Early Game

Caitlyn is all about control. Your entire early game is devoted to putting as much pressure on your opponent as possible. Start out the game by taking a point in your trap ability. Help your team with whatever level one shenanigans that happen by using your traps to check bushes, guard entrances and exits from jungle, and finally to set in lane to give early control. If an opponent steps in a trap, take advantage of it. You outrange everyone in the early game, and once you hit level two you can easily poke someone who hits a trap with your Q.

Be as aggressive as possible. Every time you get an opening to shoot a Q at an opponent, take it. Try to not hit minions when poking with your peacemaker, as it will deal less damage for every unit it passes through. The final thing to keep in mind is your passive. You want to try and use it on an opponent when it is available, but do not miss killing minions for it. Minions are always worth more unless you are getting a kill. Also be careful to back up after attacking an enemy champion with an auto attack. Minions will start to target you afterwards, and backing up will make them stop. Do not underestimate their damage.

Keep in mind that your range is great for keeping opponents pinned under tower if the situation calls for it. You ideally want to keep the opponent zoned from their minion line, but sometimes it is better to try and keep your opponent trapped under their tower.

Mid Game

This is your weakest point in the game. Both teams should be interested in pushing the first set of towers and getting Dragon at this point. Your only advantage at this point in the game is your long range. Effective use of your range is what will help you survive this point in the game. Do your best to farm and take objectives at this point until you are able to get your core completed. Once you finish your core items, you should be able to start snowballing into your late game.

Late Game

At this point in the game, you should be one of the strongest AD carries. Your range gives you an advantage that very few opponents can compete with. This keeps you safe in team fights while allowing you to deal the full damage of an AD carry. Stick with your team, continue to farm when it is safe and smart to do so, and position yourself to the best of your abilities.


Ashe is a decently tough matchup. Her Volley is able to trade with you if you do not position yourself properly. You also have trouble fighting her, as she simply has higher damage than you. Fortunately, you still can poke her. Take caution of her free critical strike when she returns to lane, and be sure to take Cleanse for her ultimate. She can chase you down, even if you use your net to run. The only way to escape her for sure is to make sure the net also hits her to stop her chase.


Mirror matches come down to three things when playing as an AD carry. Your skills, the supports, and the junglers will be the deciding factors. Try to capitalize on the mistakes that the opponent makes to the best of your abilities. Good luck.


Corki will have a very difficult time trading with you. His Phosphorous Bomb that he has to use for a trade costs him so much mana, that he will likely run out of mana trying to keep up with you. Force trades with him as much as you can to get an advantage and possibly a kill on him early. Once he hits six, he will be able to poke at you with his ultimate. Do not underestimate the damage of his larger missiles. They can deal a decent amount of damage to you.


You really, really do not want to get into an all-out engage against Draven. He is one of the few champions that will completely destroy you in an early fight. Fortunately, you can just sit back and outrange him all day. As long as he cannot hit you back, you win. Just make sure his support is not positioned to jump you, as usually he will be with an offensive support.


Ezreal and Caitlyn are interesting. Both of you will be trying to poke each other with your Qs, without hitting minions. He can cast his faster, but you can hit him through minions. Use that to your advantage to beat him in trades. Ezreal is a really tough opponent. He can easily follow up on something like a Taric stun with a large amount of damage. Just play cautiously if you are unable to out harass him in the early game.


Graves is actually not too difficult of an opponent for you. You should not have much trouble until mid game against him. Be cautious of his potential burst, especially once he gets to six. Other than that, you severely outrange him and should have little trouble early. He is tankier than any other AD carry, so be aware of that when dueling him.


This has to be one of your easiest match ups. You can outrange Kog'Maw when he does not have his W active. Fortunately for you, it has less than a 50% up time. You also will always outrange him until level three, when he will tie your range. At level six and beyond he can outrange you. Other than that, he really has trouble trading with you until he has his ultimate.

Miss Fortune

Like Draven, Miss Fortune is an AD carry you do not want to fight early. You need to abuse your range early and avoid a full engage. Be careful to not get hit by the bounce from her double up, as the second target takes more damage than the first one. The biggest threat to you will likely be the opposing support. Blitzcrank, Taric and Leona are all very commonly paired with Miss Fortune.


Sivir is an interesting case. Your traps are useless in lane against her, as she has a shield that she can use to recover mana off of them. If you see her doing so, try to line up a Q to punish her for it. It may be best to place your traps in the brush to potentially spot a gank. Other than that, you need to make sure to avoid being hit twice with her Q. It can be the strongest poke in the game. Other than that, you outrange her very hard and should overall not have too hard of a time against her.


Tristana will constantly outrange you starting at level thirteen. Tristana is actually very similar to you in some ways. Early game she has a large amount of burst damage, which spikes a second time at level six. After that point, she is a bit weaker than most AD carries until late game. She is significantly stronger than you late game. The only real difference is that she focuses on burst damage early to get kills rather than poking. In order to beat her, you need to take advantage of your poke. She is also difficult to kill when she has her jump available to her. Try to bait it out before a gank to ensure you get a kill.


Twitch can be incredibly dangerous to you in lane. If you notice that he ducks into a brush, back up. He can deal a large amount of damage to you if he gets stacks of his passive applied. He is vulnerable to being poked down early due to his low range, so take advantage of this. He does out range you while his ultimate is active, so be careful for that. You really want to shut him down in lane as he is an AD carry that can destroy entire teams if he gets items.


I have not seen an Urgot in ages. Rumor has it that he still exists, but it may be false. If you encounter one, remember to back away anytime he lands his E on you. His Q range is significantly easier to run away from now, so take advantage of the ability to do so. It is not easy to kill him in lane, as he has his own shield. At six, he can get a kill on you easily with Flash and his ultimate if you are not careful. Keep in mind that he should not have the range to be able to swap you without Flash until late game.


Varus's Q is the only ability that you should encounter in lane that can outrange you. When you see him charging, you have the choice of taking a free shot at him with your Q or attempting to dodge his shot. At level six, Varus's ultimate is one of the most deadly ultimates in the game if you do not have Cleanse. Other than that, try to avoid getting hit with stacks of blight while trading. He does have a fairly high range, so be careful.


Vayne is usually an easy match up. You should have no trouble dominating her early game. At level six you will need to be careful of her sudden spike in damage, but other than that she is not too large of a threat. As the game goes on, you should always try to be significantly ahead of her. If she starts catching up, you might as well surrender if you do not have someone to deal with her such as Malphite. Just pressure her as hard as you can.


Alistar does not really offer much for you. He is a good bodyguard, but you really do not need one that badly. Do not expect his heal to keep you sustained very well, as it is the weakest heal on a support during laning. It is not very easy to pull of any combo with your trap and him. He still is decent at displacing enemies for you, so do not underestimate him. At six he can tower dive better than any other support, so be sure to communicate when to do so.


Alistar should not have the easiest time against you. You are able to outrange him very easily. If he does get close to you, you will more than likely burn Flash or die. His heal is rather weak, so you should not have much trouble poking him and his ally down. It is hard to get a kill against him, but it is not hard to zone him.


Blitzcrank is the easiest support that you can combo with. After he fires his grab you should have plenty of time to set a trap to trigger on an enemy after his knock up if you are close enough to him. If you are able to master this, you should be forcing flashes and getting kills easily in lane. Keep in mind that he cannot do much for you other than attempt to hand you an enemy.


As an opponent, Blitzcrank is one of the most deadly. His grab has a very long range, and you should not be able to easily zone him. Be especially careful if he is under his tower. If he grabs you into his tower, you should not be able to escape, even if you have Flash. Also, do not think that you can get a kill on him easily if he has his passive up. He is deceptively tanky because of it. Fortunately he does not do much to protect his ally. You should be trying to focus on poking down his AD carry. If his AD carry is low, a grab will only help you get in position for a kill.


The shield Janna gives you is awesome. A good Janna will be able to place it on you when you are about to fire your headshot and Q for harass. The bonus AD it gives is not to be underestimated. The rest of her kit is dedicated to protecting you. Having a Janna will let you take more risks and give you the potential to deal more damage.


An enemy Janna is good at denying your kills. You will have a large amount of trouble getting kills. Any kills you get will rely on your ultimate connecting on your intended target. Other than that, you can easily bait out her shield by walking towards her or her partner with your headshot ready. After she wastes shield, you can freely harass.


Leona is great at locking down a single opponent. If you are able to weave a trap in with her abilities, you are almost guaranteed a kill. She is also a decent bodyguard. Keep in mind that her shield gives her a ridiculous amount of bonus defenses, so do not be surprised if she tries to dive towers rather early. Overall she is a good support with Caitlyn.


An enemy Leona can be a nightmare for you. Her E has comparable range to your auto attacks, so be careful when poking at her. Typically a Leona will try to all in on you as soon as she hits level two or three, so be cautious. If you take Cleanse, you should be able to survive once she uses Exhaust on you. The opposing AD carry should be your target to harass. Leona does not have much for countering harassment. Her only real strategy is to try and jump you, so if you avoid that you are good.


Lulu has the potential to be the best support in the game. Her damage is incredible. She has the ability to save your ass multiple ways, and she can lock down an enemy at the same time. Lulu really depends on the player who is playing her. A good Lulu will be the best support for you. She can shut down ganks with her Q, follow up on engages with her entire kit, and anything in between. With Caitlyn, your pokes synergize incredibly well together, and together you are able to completely deny a weaker enemy.


An enemy Lulu can easily give you a headache. Her poke can outrange you easily. You can bait her shield easily by walking towards her or her carry with your headshot charged. Other than that, there is not much else you can do to her. She is kind of a jack of all trades support, only lacking a true sustaining ability. She can easily make your ultimate useless with her shield and ultimate, so make sure both were used before pulling the trigger.


I personally do not think Nami synergizes well with Caitlyn. You can potentially place a trap under an enemy that she stuns with her Q, but you basically need to place it instantly for it to work. Do not underestimate the damage you gain from her E. It can make you win trades easily. She can also heal and poke during trades by targeting you with W. Her ultimate is really good at disengaging and chasing. Overall, she is likely better than I will give her credit for.


An enemy Nami can screw with your trades. She alone can cause your opposing AD carry to win every trade. Fortunately, she is not a particularly strong support until she gets to level six. Once she is able to cast her ultimate, you can have a difficult time securing kills against her. A well timed Flash can hop over her ultimate. Other than that, there is not much to say other than the obvious, dodge her Q.


Nunu has been considered the must have support for Caitlyn. Caitlyn has difficulty during the mid game, and Nunu gives you an incredible amount of movement and attack speed to help you through it into the late game. That is pretty much the only reason to have a Nunu with you. His slows are nice, but it is not a secret that the main reason to pick him is Blood Boil. He definitely is a good support with you.


Nunu is fortunately not a large threat against you. You always will outrange him, and he does not offer any sort of defense for his ally. If he slows you, you should have no trouble returning the favor and escaping with your E if necessary. Just poke down his carry and win the lane. Poking Nunu is not as effective due to his consume ability.


Soraka is actually a good support for you. Her infinite mana allows you to spam your Q without caring at all. Remember to start Doran's Blade, which gives you a large amount of early game power. You have a Soraka, so there is little reason to care about potions to sustain you in lane. Just keep in mind that she does not offer much during combat other than her heals and short burst of armor. Instead, focus on trading more frequently, even if you take damage in return. Soraka will negate a large amount of that damage.


An enemy Soraka is one of the worst things for you to face. Instead of having to worry about being engaged on like a Blitzcrank or Leona, Soraka robs you of a large amount of harassment power. The plus side is that she can only heal one person at a time. Because of this, focus on poking both Soraka and her AD. She will likely have to back away to avoid your damage, which gives you and your support complete control of the lane.


Sona and Caitlyn has been a popular lane for a long time. Both champions are very poke heavy and have always synergized well. You should have no problem zoning your opponent with a good Sona. Keep in mind when her passive is up. With your own passive you can deal a large chunk of damage to an opponent. Once Sona has her ultimate, try your best to immediately place a trap under an opponent that gets hit by it to keep them locked down for an easy kill.


Sona is surprisingly not too bad. Her Q does have a long range, but it should only target you if there are not two of your minions closer to her. If she is able to hit you with Q in a minion wave, you are too close to her. She will be sustaining herself and her ally at the same time. This means you want to pick one of them to focus for your harass. Her ultimate also has a ridiculous range to it, so be very cautious when she is level six. My best advice is to try and land your peacemaker on her constantly. Her defenses are about the same as a cannon minion, making her one of the worst at taking your harassment.


Taric is not a bad support with you. The hardest trick to playing with a Taric is trying to set a trap under a stunned enemy fast enough. If you can pull it off, you should be able to get a kill or at least force Flash. Communicate and you should not have too much trouble together.


Taric is one of the worst supports for you to face. The extra armor he gives his ally does a lot to lower your poke damage. Fortunately, you should not have too much trouble staying away from his stun. Even if you get stunned, you should not have much trouble retreating with your E, unless his ally is able to follow up with more crowd control. After he uses his stun and shatter is the best time to shoot him. While his shatter is on cooldown, he loses half of his bonus armor. Try to focus more on farming in this matchup, as you will have trouble winning trades.


Similar to Blitzcrank, Thresh is all about initiating. You unfortunately cannot do all that much to follow up on him. He could potentially drag an opponent into one of your traps, but you really do not get any opportunity to set a trap under anyone he catches. I do not see Thresh working well with Caitlyn, simply because Caitlyn cannot do too much to follow up on his engages. He is definitely more suited for someone who can just jump into a fight.


Thresh is probably one of the biggest threats to you. Make sure your support wards the bush he is in, as you need to see when he is casting his chain. It has a long wind up time, so you should have no problems juking it. If you get grabbed, you do not have many choices on what to do. Your best bet is to wait until the grab ends and net away. It is not easy to get away from him, and ideally you would have someone like Janna to help keep you safe.


Zyra is another great support with Caitlyn. She is similar to Caitlyn in that she is designed to control the lane. Both of you can poke extremely well and have abilities designed to control an area. You can potentially set a trap under an enemy she snares, but it really depends on what level her snare is at and how far away the opponent is. You also have a chance to trap an enemy who has been knocked up by her ultimate. Together, you should be able to dominate the lane.


You will be competing with Zyra for control of the lane. Both of you excel at lane dominance. Fortunately, Zyra does not offer much in traditional support. You can easily try to focus on poking down Zyra or her ally. If that does not work, coordinate ganks with your team. There is not much else to say.

Kill Lanes

Fortunately, you are playing Caitlyn. Caitlyn has to be one of the best champions to deal with a kill lane. Be sure your support plays cautiously, and you should have no trouble being able to keep up in farm and avoid dying thanks to your range.


Thank you for reading my guide. Maybe you will run into me on the NA servers. My name on there is "Aphoristic". You can also add me, but I probably will decline if I do not recognize your name.

If you have reason to contact me, feel free to email me at aphoristic92(at)gmail(dot)com.

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