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"My house is not structurally safe anymore."

I heard about this game from my school and about everybody was playing it. I heard it was much like DoTA and it was free so I gave it a try. At first I didn't like it very much and uninstalled, after that I felt like playing it again, and after a few months, I am a very mad person now.

The game is overall pretty fun but however there are a lot of components in this game that make it inferior or just downright makes you angry.

Gameplay:I don't like number ratings, I'll force you to read the thing.

I can't really say much about the gameplay, it's pretty solid and it's not that bad, and for a free game it's worth a try. There's a certain part of the game that I must say is really repulsive, but I'll get to that later. The game works like this (skip the next two if you already know), there are three lanes with 5 characters which are referred to as champions. The standard setup is two people on top, two people on bottom, and one person in the middle. Lots of times the team will have a jungler who will wonder around killing monsters in the jungle and gank other lanes for extra kills, in that case there will usually be one person in the top lane. What you're basically doing is trying to get some early game money by farming or if you're enemy gets aggressive, you can possibly get a kill, or you can just try to prevent your enemy from killing minion waves to stop them from getting money that will carry on into the lategame.

This part of the game isn't that exciting, just try to get the last hit on creeps to get some money to basically prepare you for the late game in which you will try to get even more kills and try to take down their towers. Turrets (or towers) need to be destroyed to access more turrets which will give you access to their inhibitor, destroying this inhibitor will cause you to spawn super minions, which are giant minions who have tons of HP and do a lot of damage and will immensely push your lane. After you have at least one inhibitor down, you can destroy their nexus and if you do that you win the game.

That's the general idea. The game overall is pretty fun but however it is extremely flawed. At first team composition won't really matter and no one will bag on your champion of choice, but however once you get to level 20-30, people will constantly tell you that your champion is horrible. And it may be true. There are champions who will dominate and have super cheap ultimates that outclass lots of other ones and some champions who are just useless. For example, the champion Evelyn, what defines this champion is stealth, she's going to be invisible half the time. Sounds pretty broken right? No, she's probably the worst champion in the game. There's an item called the Oracle's Elixir which lets you see anything that's invisible until you die, since Evelyn is extremely squishy (very low defense and health), if someone on the enemy team has this item, you're going to get massacred. This applies for Twitch to, who is also entirely stealth based. There are other champions who are worthless and are not worth playing, if you get used to a certain champion, well that's too bad, at level 30 your team will basically force you out of your champion. Pick him anyways? Good luck winning because even if you are good with that champion your team will call this a loss and not even try. I may have a low opinion of the people playing this game, so hopefully you have better luck than I do. This game is also extremely team based; in this case that's a bad thing, you'll see why.


Wow, this is the worst part of the game. The people here are an absolute punch to the face, I can't give any credit to most other people. I'm not sure what's up with these people but however I think they might just be trying to bring you down. For example, I was playing a game and this person said you HAVE to get this item. I didn't want to because I think there are better items for this character. I ended up not getting the item and literally everyone on my team started cussing at me. What's their problem? They ended up blaming the loss on me and I believe I got reported for not knowing how to build a character. This is just horrible. People will comment on your champion of choice, your build, how you play, and if you think they made a bad decision by let's say engaging, you have to help them, or else they'll start spamming you about how bad you are. This game is very team based, so if you have a single bad teammate, that can bring they the whole team down and you can sit there for 40 minutes without anything. Usually community wouldn't matter so much, but in this case, it does.


The sounds aren't that great. It's just a bunch of yelling and slashing. There are barely any music tracks and most of them are just really repetitive. I don't really have opinion on graphics but however I must say they aren't the greatest. I would appreciate it if Riot would raise them up a bit though.

This game makes me mad, really mad. I've punched walls before after playing these games. Let me tell you, it's not fun. The gameplay and community just ultimately destroyed the game. I give this a 4/10, community matters, they rely on how well you're going to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/14/11

Game Release: League of Legends (US, 10/27/09)

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