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Reality Check - Why Do We Watch Twitch?08/29/14
Blizzard Characters We Want in Heroes of the Storm04/08/14
Why You Should Buy a Gaming PC in 201401/30/14
Starcraft II - Patch 2.1 Overview01/21/14
Blizzard Arcade - Snowflake Trailer01/21/14
Starcraft II - WCS Main Stage Teaser11/08/13
Swagbaggin at Blizzcon 201311/08/13
The Evolution of e-Sports as a Sport, Entertainment and International Pastime - GDC Next11/07/13
The Observer Friendly Game - GDC Next Panel with Sean "Day[9]" Plott11/05/13
Dear wins WCS Season 3 Finals, post-game interview with the winner10/28/13
Smix and Adebisi speak to attendees about the WCS Season 3 Finals Venues10/27/13
Adebisi speaks to Scarlett about the North American Scene, Best Zergs and her plans for 201410/27/13
Adebisi talks to NASL CEO Russell Pfister on WCS, different games and more10/27/13
Adebisi talks to Vortix about WCS Europe, going pro full-time and how he compares to other non-korean pros10/27/13
Smix and Adebisi tour the WCS Season 3 venue in Toronto and speak to fans10/27/13
Smix interviews Polt about his finish at WCS Season 3 and recent results10/27/13
Oz talks about wanting revenge against Polt at the WCS Season 3 Finals10/26/13
WCS Season 3 Finals Toronto Day 1 Recap10/26/13
MC says the 'Boss Toss' is back10/25/13
Adebisi talks with Dear about his match against HerO at the WCS Season 3 in Toronto10/25/13
Starcraft II Pro Players weigh in on Blizzard's 2013 WCS Tournament format and ideas for 201410/17/13
TLO at IEM NYC discusses the importance of Maps for Balancing10/15/13
Zombie Apollo talks IEM NYC 2013 Grand Finals and More10/13/13
Kaelaris talks about IEM NYC and first time in New York10/13/13
Life wins IEM NYC, post-game interview with the champion10/13/13

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