• Console Commands

    Enter in-game in the console. To ativate console, go to options, Keyboard, Advanced, Enable Developer Console.

    Activates cheatssv_cheats 1
    Enemies do not target younotarget
    Fly through wallsnoclip
    Give RPGgive weapon_rpg
    Gives .357 magnumgive weapon_357
    Gives all weapons and full ammoimpulse 101
    Gives Alyxs Gungive weapon_alyxgun
    Gives Crossbowgive weapon_crossbow
    Gives crowbargive weapon_crowbar
    Gives Gravity Gungive weapon_physcannon
    Gives grenadesgive weapon_frag
    Gives Grigoris gungive weapon_annabelle
    Gives npc a .357 magnum when spawned (valid for Civil Protection and Citizens)npc_create_equipment weapon_357
    Gives npc a pistol when spawned (valid for Civil Protection and Citizens)npc_create_equipment weapon_pistol
    Gives Pheropods (will not make antlions on your side)give weapon_bugbait
    Gives pistolgive weapon_pistol
    Gives Pulse Riflegive weapon_ar2
    Gives shotgungive weapon_shotgun
    Gives SMGgive weapon_smg1
    Spawns Alyxnpc_create npc_alyx
    Spawns Antlionnpc_create npc_antlion
    Spawns Antlion Guardnpc_create npc_antlionguard
    Spawns Barneynpc_create npc_barney
    Spawns City Scannernpc_create npc_cscanner
    Spawns Civil Protectionnpc_create npc_metropolice
    Spawns Crownpc_create npc_crow
    Spawns Dropshipnpc_create npc_combinedropship
    Spawns Elinpc_create npc_eli
    Spawns Fast Headcrabnpc_create npc_headcrab_fast
    Spawns Fast Zombienpc_create npc_fastzombie
    Spawns Gunshipnpc_create npc_combinegunship
    Spawns Headcrabnpc_create npc_headcrab
    Spawns Headcrab Zombienpc_create npc_zombie
    Spawns Headcrab Zombie Torsonpc_create npc_zombie_torso
    Spawns Hunter-Choppernpc_create npc_helicopter
    Spawns Isaac Kleinernpc_create npc_Kleiner
    Spawns Overwatch Snipernpc_create npc_sniper
    Spawns Overwatch Soldiernpc_create npc_combine_s
    Spawns Pigeonnpc_create npc_pigeon
    Spawns Poison Headcrabnpc_create npc_headcrab_black
    Spawns Poison Headcrabnpc_create npc_headcrab_poison
    Spawns Poison Zombienpc_create npc_poisonzombie
    Spawns Resistace member/citizen/Refugee depending on what chapternpc_create npc_citizen
    Spawns Seagullnpc_create npc_seagull
    Spawns Shield Scannernpc_create npc_clawscanner
    Spawns Strider (use noclip to get up to striders height)npc_create npc_strider
    Valid for Citizensnpc_create_equipment weapon_rpg
    Valid for Civil Protection, Overwatch Soliders and Citizensnpc_create_equipment weapon_smg1
    Valid for Overwatch Soldiers, Citizens and Alyxnpc_create_equipment weapon_shotgun
    Valid for Overwatch Soldiers, Citizens, Alyx and Barneynpc_create_equipment weapon_ar2

    Contributed By: donovanjcharlie.

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