• In game cheats for King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame (pc)

    Once playing the game press CTRL + SHIFT + 1 to open the cheat console and enter the codes below for the desired result. Pressing F1 once the cheat console has been opened will give you a list of possible cheats. "gp" has to be put before the player's name.

    Adds amount of food to playerGiveFood
    Adds amount of Lady specified to player 1-10GiveLady eg GiveLady 5
    Adds or removes an artefact to/from a heroArtifact
    Adds the amount of moneyGiveMoney eg GiveMoney 1000000
    Adds victory points to the playerGiveVP
    Adds vp threshold to the playerGiveVPTreshold
    Adds XP to the units of the given army.AddUnitXP4Army
    Battle / given player wins the battle (assumes 0, the player, if not given)WinBattle
    Disables all archery damageDisableArcheryDamage
    Displays the speed of the given unit in battle (player 0 is the human player)GetSpeed
    Displays three strength value of the given unitGetStrength
    Enables archery damageEnableArcheryDamage
    Finishes active quest (you get no rewards, and this can leave you with an unfinishable game!)FinishActiveQuest
    Forces contract of a passthrough statement between the player and the given rulerContractPassthroughStatement
    Forces contract of a passthrough statement between the player and the given rulerContractPassthroughStatement
    Gives faith to the player (range of faith / -20 to 20)GiveFaith eg GiveFaith -20
    Gives virtue to the player (range of virtue / -20 to +20)GiveVirtue eg GiveVirtue 20
    Grants a skill to the hero between level 1-4AddSkill eg AddSkill gpKay curse of shadows 4
    Multiplayer only / drops connection or forcing reconnectionnet
    Multiplayer only / send the actual camera position to the peerSendCamera
    Multiplayer only / sends a chat message to the peerChat
    Must be in battle / gives hp or mana to the given unitGivePoints eg GivePoints gpDagonet dagonet mana 4000
    Must be in battle / kills all units of the playerKillAll
    Sets god mode in autobattlesAutoBattleGodMode eg AutoBattleGodMode God
    Sets speed of the given unit type, where unittype is a number, indexing a list of all unit types (??)SetSpeed
    Spawns a new unit into the army of the given heroGiveArmyUnit eg. GiveArmyUnit gpKay summerborn 24 9
    Strategy map / spawns a quest to the given hexafield (quest names are language dependent)SpawnQuest
    The given ruler declares war against the playerDeclareWarToHuman

    Contributed By: brittjoe777.

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