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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve puzzle above fireplace?

What are the two Greek symbols for the puzzle above the fireplace?

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You can find the symbol for the sun in the graveyard, near the winged statue, in the tree on the right use the lawn scissors in the bush, and solve the problem, after that, you'll find the symbol.

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I agree with anakpipi. But you also have to find the moon symbol too. You can find it near the statue that is near the skull puzzle. And last, you need to put the symbol beside the place for moon and sun and put it to the other 2 places that is just beside the moon and the sun

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Why dont you check the strategy guide ?

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Ive found the moon and sun piece. and the book shows what goes in the 2 spots,but it still won't solve the puzzle.There must be somethingelse.

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Give the blue rose to the statue to get the moon symbol. You need a glove to carry the rose. Once you have inserted the sun and moon and the other two symbols, pull the lever.

What strategy guide?

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The symbol for the sun is an overly elaborate question mark. The moon symbol is a 7 with a loopy tail.

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