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                   __  __              _                     
                  |  \/  | _   _  ___ | |_  ___  _ __  _   _ 
                  | |\/| || | | |/ __|| __|/ _ \| '__|| | | |
                  | |  | || |_| |\__ \| |_|  __/| |   | |_| |
                  |_|  |_| \__, ||___/ \__|\___||_|    \__, |
                           |___/                       |___/ 
                 ____                    _____  _  _            
                / ___| __ _  ___   ___  |  ___|(_)| |  ___  ___ 
               | |    / _` |/ __| / _ \ | |_   | || | / _ \/ __|
               | |___| (_| |\__ \|  __/ |  _|  | || ||  __/\__ \
                \____|\__,_||___/ \___| |_|    |_||_| \___||___/

                _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____ 
                ____        _                         _         
               |  _ \  ___ | |_  _   _  _ __  _ __   | |_  ___  
               | |_) |/ _ \| __|| | | || '__|| '_ \  | __|/ _ \ 
               |  _ <|  __/| |_ | |_| || |   | | | | | |_| (_) |
               |_| \_\\___| \__| \__,_||_|   |_| |_|  \__|\___/ 
       ____                            _                              _   
      |  _ \  __ _ __   __ ___  _ __  | |__    ___   __ _  _ __  ___ | |_ 
      | |_) |/ _` |\ \ / // _ \| '_ \ | '_ \  / _ \ / _` || '__|/ __|| __|
      |  _ <| (_| | \ V /|  __/| | | || | | ||  __/| (_| || |   \__ \| |_ 
      |_| \_\\__,_|  \_/  \___||_| |_||_| |_| \___| \__,_||_|   |___/ \__|

Information about the Guide

Written By: OneBucDad
Created: 11/28/2008
Updated: 12/03/2008
Created Using: Notepad/MS-Word
Version: 1.00
Percent Complete: 100%

Some Legal Stuff
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This is my first FAQ, so please be patient with me as my formatting may not 
be as good as some of the others I have seen done, but I promise to work 
towards perfection and will continue to make it better and easier to 

First off let me start by saying that this walkthrough will be as detailed as 
can be.  I intend to have good direction and instruction and I hope to, in 
the near future, put image files in to show how certain puzzles are 

Before getting started, a little bit of house cleaning is in order.  This is 
the 5th edition of Mystery Case Files for the computer (this excludes "Agent 
X" for cell phones and "MillionHeir" for the Nintendo DS.  The current 
versions to this point are as follows:  
- Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
- Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate
- Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
- Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst
- Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

The people that are involved in this version of the story are:
- Charles Dalimar - The evil villain that started this whole mess.
- Emma Ravenhearst- Charles's wife (free now but her spirit still haunts 
Ravenhearst Manor.  
- Rose Sommerset - Sister in law of Charles.
- Gwendolyn Dalimar/Sommerset - One of two twin daughters belonging to Rose.
- Charlotte Dalimar/Sommerset - The other of the two twin daughters.
- Victor Dalimar - Charles's son (still alive) and caretaker of Ravenhearst 
Manor, who is also a villain like his father and the only living character of 
the story aside from you as "The Detective."

Some Notes 

* There is no time limit like in previous games (except for keeping score).

* If you see sparkling anywhere in the game, this is an area that needs to be 
explored further.  Multiple sparkling indicates an H.O.G. (hidden object 

* If you find an inventory item and are not sure what to do with it, drop it 
on your type-writer in the bottom right hand corner.  It will give you a 

* If you get stuck or can't seem to go any further, go back and search every 
room.  Look for more sparkles.  Sometimes completing something in one area 
opens up more stuff in other areas.

* If you cannot solve a particular puzzle you may bypass it by clicking on 
your type-writer.  This will complete the puzzle for you, but you cannot come 
back to it later.

* If you are in a H.O.G. and cannot find a particular item, click on your 
type-writer and it will give you a general area where the object can be 
Once you do this, you will have to wait for some time to pass before using it 
again.  Note:  If you find multiple objects in a H.O.G. in a short amount of 
time, this will refresh the type-writer much quicker.

* Not everything viewed with the magnifying glass will be required to 
complete the game.  There are several things in the game that are there for 
fun or to carry the story-line along.

Starting the Game

Once you start the game, you will be in your "Case File."  This is where all 
of your clues will be collected and stored for future reference.  Read what 
is written on the page and refer back to it often.  To access it at any time, 
click in the bottom left hand corner.  The page number is in the center of 
the book at the bottom of the page.  There are arrows on either side of the 
page number that can be used to turn the pages.  

Once you have read it, click close.

The Beginning: Ravenhearst Manor Gate

As part of this game your main tool is a magnifying glass.  You will take 
your mouse pointer and move it around the screen until the magnifying glass 
appears. This will tell you there is something that needs to be explored 
further.  When you click on these areas, a message will sometimes appear at 
the top of the screen.  Sometimes it is a clue as to what you need to do 
next.  Sometimes it doesn't do much but aggravate you or progress the game's 
story.  However this is how you will proceed through the game.  

You should check every area you go through along the way.

What to explore:

- On the right hand side of the gate, you will notice shining, sparkling 
This is your first hidden objects game or H.O.G. as I will refer to it from 
this point on.  This is where you are going to be doing the seeking of 
specific items.  Up until now, this has been the bread and butter of the MCF 
To start the H.O.G., just click on the grouping and find the items listed.

- After completing a H.O.G., you will receive a prize that will be placed in 
your inventory.  The prize that you get for completing this puzzle is a 

- Access your inventory by mousing-over the bottom of the screen where it 
says "inventory."  You will use these inventory tools to help you solve 
puzzles along the way that block your path.  Every tool has its purpose.

- On the left hand side of the gate, you will note an intercom box with a red 
button on the bottom of it.  It will have a single star sparkle.  This 
denotes that there is something you must do with it.  Sometimes it will just 
be reading something, adding clues to your Case File, or in this case, it 
means you need to complete a task using one of your tools.
- Click on the intercom box.  This will blow it up in size.  Now go to your 
inventory and select the wrench. Using the wrench, click on all four of the 
bolts which hold the intercom together.  The bolts will unscrew and reveal 
the circuitry on the inside.  This is your first puzzle.

- There are four wires at the bottom of the box.  They have numbers written 
above them.  You must pick up the wires and put them in the holes that match.  
The first number is across and the second number is down (i.e. 4,1 means the 
forth hole across, first one down).  Once you have completed all four wires, 
a key will fall down.  Click on the key.  You now have a new item in your 

- Notice another single sparkle on the plaque above the intercom.  Click on 
it and note that your Case File will open in the bottom left hand corner of 
the screen.  This means that it has saved the information from what you have 
just explored.  If you go into your Case File book after reading the plaque, 
you will see that you taken notes on the numbers scratched into the bottom of 
the plaque.  This is a clue that will be needed for something later in the 

- Now, click on the handle of the gate and select the key from your inventory 
and place it in the lock.  Then click on handle to open the gate.

- An apparition of Emma Ravenhearst (whose soul you have helped in previous 
games) appears.  She says,"

Congratulations you have just finished your first scene.

Click the pathway to enter the gate.

~~~~~>Insert Script of Emma~~~~~~

The Well  

What to explore:

- Statue on the left.  If you click on the statue, you will get a message at 
the top of the screen, "Charles was quite the collector of unusual art."  It 
doesn't really do anything and you will find several of these along the way 
as you are clicking around to find things.  

- Well on the right.  When you click on the well on the right, the only thing 
you can do is try to turn the handle to bring up the bucket, but when you do, 
you get a message that says, "It won't turn.  The rope appears to be stuck."  
So there is nothing to do here at this point in time, but we will be coming 
back here later.

- Continue moving towards the front of the manor.

The Front Door on the Front Porch

What to explore:

- Sparkle underneath the cat's foot.  The cat is holding a key you will need, 
but are unable to collect at this point.  Remember this, because you will 
find a new tool later that you will need to use to come back and get this 

- Sparkle on the birds nest above the porch.  Again there is an item you 
need, but cannot access at this point, but will have to remember where it is, 
because you will need to come back to it later.

- Complete the H.O.G. to collect your first type-writer key "V."  You will be 
collecting more of these throughout part one of the game.  You will soon 
discover why you need them.

- Proceed to the left hand side of the screen to proceed up to the left hand 
side of the porch.

The Left Side of the Front Porch

What to Explore:

- The window is boarded up and of no use to you.  

- The loose plank.  "This floorboard looks loose." However you don't have the 
necessary tool to remove it yet.  

- Hanging potted plant of a purple rose with a message that says, "Ouch! Too 
thorny.  Maybe if I had something to clip the stem."  This is another clue 
that you will have to come back to as you have no tools of use here now.  

- Complete the H.O.G. on the chest to obtain a brick. 

- Proceed back to the front of the house and click on the the right side of 
the rocking chair to go on the right hand side of the porch.

The Right Side of the Front Porch

What to explore:

- A mouse hole. "There's a hungry little mouse in this hole, but he won't 
come out."  

- The Window.  "The window is locked from the inside."   

- The ladder.  Click on the ladder to add it to your inventory.

If you go back to the front of the house, you can place the ladder in front 
of the birds nest now and explore it.  You will note a "creepy-eye" there.  
Click on and add it to your inventory for later.

Go back to the right side of the porch and click on the statue out in the 

Rose's Statue Beside the Pond

What to explore:

- The statue has a moon signet necklace on that you can have "Only if you 
bring me the dark flower that bears her name." Obviously the hanging rose 
that we cannot access just yet.

- Complete the H.O.G. in the pond to obtain the 2nd "creepy-eye."

- A door that cannot be opened yet.

Head back to the locked window and throw your brick through it.  You now have 
access to the front room.

The Front Room with Fireplace

What to explore:

- The crowbar under the chair

- The lamp.

- The pictures on the wall.

- The fireplace puzzle (cannot be completed yet).

- The Door Puzzle.

At this point exit the front room back to the left side of the front porch.

The Left Side of the Front Porch (continued)

- Use the crowbar to pull up the loose floorboard to reveal your 3rd "creepy-

- Complete the new H.O.G. that has appeared on the chest.  You will collect a 
machine belt for your efforts.

Now head back to the door puzzle in the front room.

The Front Room with Fireplace (continued)

Completing the Puzzle:

- Place all three "creepy-eyes" into the holes.

- Pull down on all four handles to bring the eye into focus.  The door will 
open to reveal the kitchen.  Go in. 
The Kitchen

What to explore:

- The note, hanging on the left hand wall.  This will place a new clue in the 
Case File you will need to complete a puzzle shortly.

- The stove.  Unfortunately it is currently locked.

- Cabinet door under the sink.  Obtain the hand clippers or shears from the 
Inside of the door.

- H.O.G. that will net you cheese for your efforts.

Now head back out to the porch again.

The Right Side of the Front Porch (continued)

Complete the following:

- Give the cheese to the mouse.  When he comes out, click on him.

- Give the mouse to the cat.  Take the key from the cat.

- Head back into the kitchen.

The Kitchen (continued)

- Complete H.O.G. to obtain damp cloth.

- Use key on stove to obtain gloves.

Head back over to the hanging potted plant.  

The Left Side of the Front Porch (continued)

- Use the shears to trim the rose.

- Use the gloves to pick up the rose and place it into your inventory.

Head back over to the pond.
Rose's Statue Beside the Pond (continued)

- Place the rose in the hands of Rose's Enchanted Statue.  

- Click on the moon signet necklace to place it in inventory.

- Complete the H.O.G. to acquire a horn.

- Complete door puzzle to open door.

Completing the Puzzle:

Look in your Case File and you will see a picture similar to the bird 
skeleton on the door.  You just need to pose the door skeleton to match the 
pose of the bird skeleton in the picture.

Now head on through the door and past the walkway.  However take note of the 
"X" marked on the ground, because we will be coming back here later.  
Continue up the walkway to the cemetery by the cliffs.

The Cemetery By The Cliffs

What to explore:

- The Cottage House.

- The stairs in the cliff.

- The shipwreck.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain a pick axe.

- Sparkle in the shrubs.  Use shears here (click three times) and you will 
find another puzzle. 

Completing the Puzzle:

Note there are two broken lights, so they don't matter, ignore them.  
Starting with the outer-most ring, spin it until all four good lights have a 
line pointing at them.  Then successively spin each inner ring doing the same 
thing until the door opens to reveal the sun signet. 

Click on the sun signet to add it to inventory. 

Now we can head back to the house and into the front room.

The Front Room Fireplace Puzzle (continued)

To complete the puzzle:

First place the sun and moon signets in their respective places in the center 
of the puzzle.  Next look in your Case File and find the two clues that will 
tell you which pieces to place where.  Then pull down on the handle and a 
secret passage is revealed.

Enter the secret passage into the basement.  

Now you will see an apparition of Rose Sommerset.  This is what she says:

"Greetings, brave soul. My name is Rose Sommerset - at least, it once was.  
My daughers and I were stolen away a long time past.  Please, please unlock 
the doors quickly and help me find my children!  Free us from this wicked 
place before he returns."

The only thing to explore here is the boiler room door.  Continue to the door 
in the far right hand corner and enter into the hall of doors.

The Hall of Doors

What to explore:

- The bust above the middle door.

- The right hand door.  The right hand door has a type-writer on it.  As with 
the "creepy-eye," we are collecting keys to place on the type-writer.  There 
are seven keys total we have to collect.  You should already have the letter 
"V."  You can place them now, or you can wait until you have collected them 
all, we cannot complete it now, so it doesn't matter.

- The left hand door. This door is missing four balls that we have still to 
collect, so we cannot open this door yet either.

- The Middle Door.  The only door we can access at this point in the middle 
door straight ahead.

The Middle Door Puzzle

Completing the puzzle:

There is a switch on the left that starts the puzzle.  Notice the plus and 
minus signs that are in the middle of the puzzle.  You have to place numbers 
onto each side of the equation.  The answer to that equation will then be 
entered by turning the dial in the top right hand corner to the matching 
color and punching in the answer (i.e. If on the blue lights the left hand 
number is 05 minus is the function and 02 is the right hand blue number, then 
I turn the dial to blue and click 03, because 5-2=3.  Note that on the wall 
where the blue dot is, a combination has now been changed to match your 
answer.  I believe the answers here change each game too.  There are clues in 
your Case File.

My solution was:
71+09= 80
63-32= 31

Once you have completed all four equations, the doors will open and you will 
find yourself in the middle of an underground town.

The Little Town of Roseville

What to explore:

- There is a "Standard Procedure" plaque on the wall on the left. 

- H.O.G. which will net you a long stick.

- Go up the street to Rose's Parlor

Outside Rose's Beauty Parlor

What to explore:

- Click on the shovel leaning against the building.  This is for that "X" 
that we found in the garden.  We will have to go back there soon.  

- Click on the "Missing" bulletin on the left of the store.

- On the mine to the right of the store, use the pick axe (click four 
times)to reveal a letter to Emma from Maddy.

- Click on the door to reveal a new puzzle.

Completing the puzzle:

This puzzle is pretty straight forward but sometimes may take a few minutes.  
All you have to do is color coordinate the blocks to match the light at the 
top of the puzzle.  To move the blocks, click on the box in the direction you 
want to move it.

Once completed, turn the handle to open the door and enter the parlor.

Inside Rose's Beauty Parlor

What to explore:

- H.O.G. to collect your first of four red balls.

- Letter in the mannequin's hands.

- Weird Hair Dryer.

- Shackles on chair.

- Head towards the stairs.  At the bottom of the staircase, click on both of 
the heads on the banister to reveal a picture of the twins.  It is missing a 
piece. We will have to find the missing piece later and bring it back and 
replace it.

- Help me on stairs.

- Head up the stairs to Rose's Bed Room.

Rose's Bed Room

What to explore:

- Drawer on the left hand side of the screen.  We cannot access it yet, but 
will have to come back shortly.  

- H.O.G. to get another type-writer key "C."

- Ceiling where hole is.

- Chest at foot of bed.

- Proceed to the puzzle on the door.  

Completing the Puzzle:

The solution is to alternate left and right pulls to navigate it around the 
blocks without falling off the puzzle.  Each time I have played, I have had a 
different puzzle, so you will just have to work it out.

Once completed go inside.  You are now in Rose's Bathroom.

Rose's Bathroom

What to explore:

- Note there is a medicine cabinet that we need a key for that we cannot open 
just yet.  Be patient.

- Window Shade above toilet. 

- Toilet seat.

- Sink.

- Click on the shower curtain to reveal a H.O.G..  

- Head of mannequin.

- H.O.G. to obtain a metal lever that will come in handy on our next 

Head all the way out of the parlor and back onto the street and go into 
Roseville General Store.

Roseville General Store

What to explore:

- Cash Register.  To complete the puzzle, the total of the numbers across and 
down must each equal 15.  My solution is:

- Take the second red ball for your inventory and remember the number in the 
drawer (5392) because you are going to need it in just a second.  

- Fuse Box Above the furnace to the right of the telephone. Enter the number 
we just got out of the cash register (5392).  The yellow button will change 
the number, the green button will move places, and the red button is what you 
hit once you have entered 5392 to open the fuse box. The fuse for the School 
is missing.  We will have to find a fuse before we can enter the school.

- Complete H.O.G. for your third red ball.

Now go into the elevator.

The Elevator

This is one of the places you will use the most.  You will now be moving 
between floors to collect more inventories and complete more puzzles.

What to explore:

- Ed, the bell-hop.  

- The Skelton Box on the right hand wall. We need a key that we don't have 
access to at this time.  

- Take the metal lever out of your inventory and place it on the "Ed's 
Elevator" wheel.

- Click on the lever to change floors.  

This will take you to the Underground River.

The Underground River

What to explore:

- The grate to the left across the water.  We cannot access it as yet.

- There is also a set of steps that leads up to the telescope.  There is 
nothing we can do here yet but now you know where it is at.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain a key.

Now head back to Rose's Bathroom via the elevator.

Rose's Bathroom (continued)

- Place the key in the medicine cabinet to obtain the rust remover.

- Do the H.O.G. to obtain the electrical tape you will need later.

Now we have to go back to the Underground River, so take the elevator again.

The Underground River (continued)

- Complete the H.O.G. for another type-writer key "T."

- Go to the rose grate across the water to the left of the boat.

The Rose Grate Passageway

- Use the rust remover from inventory to loosen all six bolts.

- Use the wrench on all six bolts to remove them.

- Enter the grate into the bat cave.

The Bat Cave

What to explore:

- The Bats

- The various crates

- Use the horn to scare the bats away.

Walk up the torch-lit pathway to reveal Rose's crypt.

Rose's Crypt

What to explore:

- The tubes.

- The pumping station.

- Click on the single sparkle box to complete another puzzle.

Completing the puzzle:

Just simply line up the colored boxes with the colored circles.  You will 
have to do this three times.  Once complete, you will see another apparition 
of Rose, whom you have just released.  

Rose tells you, "After centuries of rest, I am finally free.  Have you seen 
my daughters, Gwendolyn and Charlotte?  Charles brought them here to toil in 
this place.  I can't bear the thought of them, having them tied to him.  
Please!  Find and release them from his cold and terrible hand!"

- Click in the coffin and you will find your last red ball.

Now we are ready to head back to the front of the house and back to Rose's 
Statue by the pond.  

Rose's Statue Beside the Pond

- Complete the H.O.G. to get the screw driver you will need later.

- Now move through the gate into the garden and dig on the "X" with shovel 
(two clicks). After completing the dig, you will have the top of the twin's 
portrait at the top of the stairs in Rose's Beauty Parlor.

- Proceed back to Rose's Parlor and place the missing photo piece into the 
frame with the twins.

- Head back to the Hall of Doors to complete your next door puzzle.

The Hall of Doors Left Hand Door Puzzle

This is a good time to unload your inventory if you wish to have less to look 
after.  Here you may place your three type-writer keys on the right hand 
door.  Or you can keep them in your inventory if you like so you know how 
many of the seven keys you still have to collect.  It's up to you.

Head over to the left hand door in the hall of doors.  To complete the 
puzzle, place all four red balls in the missing spots.  Start by pushing the 
right button, then alternate back and forth between the two until the balls 
line up and match the clue in your Case File (see the photo of the twins).  
The object is to get all four red balls in the middle, the three orange balls 
at the top, and the three blue balls lined up on the bottom.

Once completed enter the door and you will be Outside of Toys for Brats.

Outside of Toys for Brats

Here you will see an apparition of the twins.

They will ask you, "Have you seen my mommy?  It's so dark and cold here and 
we miss her so very much.  Please, don't leave us alone with him.  Please, 
don't make us stay with father!"  

What to explore here:

- Complete the H.O.G. under the slide to get the funnel for later use.

- Notice the School is still dark.  That is because we still haven't found 
and installed the fuse in the fuse box back at the Roseville General Store 

- Pair of shoes.

- Teetering riding animal.  

Proceed into Toys for Brats.

Toys for Brats

What to explore:

- Sparkling furnace in the left hand corner.  We will be coming back to that 
later as we do not have the proper tools to complete this task as yet.

- Complete H.O.G. to obtain the fuse for the fuse box back in the Roseville 
General Store.

- Guy balancing on ball.

- Hot air balloon.

- Teddy bear tag.

- Twin dolls.

- Dolls on shelf.

Continue through the door into the workshop.

The Toys for Brats Workshop

What to explore:

- Hanging marionettes.

- Wooden door. Which cannot be opened it yet.

- Telephone.  Not working yet.

- Complete H.O.G. to obtain a hammer.

- Head down the stairs into the cellar.

Toys for Brats Cellar

What to explore:

- Teddy Bear.  Need something to cut him open.

- Old Barrel.

- Telephone box above barrel.  Need something to kill roaches.

- Lights under red drapes.  To complete this task, simple play a whack-a-mole 
style game.  Click on red troll to start timer.  Object is to get 100+ points 
by hitting green and purple trolls with the mouse in the time allotted.  Do 
not hit the red trolls because this will take points away.  If you fail, 
simply try again.  Once completed, take the coin out of the troll's mouth.

Head back to Rose's Beauty Parlor.

Rose's Beauty Parlor (continued)

- Complete the H.O.G. for another type-writer key "M."

- Head up the stairs to Rose's Bedroom and use the hammer to remove all four 
nails in the drawer to reveal Paint Remover.

- Now head back to Roseville General Store.

Roseville General Store (continued)

- Complete the H.O.G. for yet another type-writer key "V."

- Click on the fuse box above the furnace and place the fuse in the school 

- Now take the elevator to the underground river.

The Underground River (continued)

Head up the stair walkway to the telescope.  

- Push the red button and place the coin in the slot.  

- Click on the view space on the right hand side of the telescope.  

- Slide all of the knobs to reveal a numerical sequence that will be saved in 
your Case File book for later.

Now let's head over to the school which should now be available since we just 
replaced the fuse.

Outside The School

What to explore:

- Cellar Door on the left hand side of the school.  Remember the temperature 
listed.  We will need that information later and it is different for each 

- Rocking horse.

- Old broken wagon.

- School Sign.  Repeat for several bad jokes.

- On The right is the Gingerbread House but we will go there next.

- Go into the school

Inside of School

What to explore:

- Skeleton.

- Bell rope.

- Map of U.K. listed as just Blackpool.

- Desk with children's drawings.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain the bug repellant needed to kill off those 
roaches in the basement of the toy store.

- Use the paint remover on the chalkboard (four clicks) to reveal another 
numerical sequence you will need on another puzzle later.

- Now head outside and on to the Gingerbread House.

Outside of the Gingerbread House

What to explore:

- Plaque on the left hand side of the screen ("Eight Simple Rules for the 
Incarceration of My Twin Daughters").   

- Mailbox with funeral notice.

- Gingerbread guy.

- Window.

- Front door puzzle.  There are different pictures here for each new game, 
but the puzzle still works the same.  There are four buttons on the left hand 
side of the puzzle board and each button has a left and right motion.  Using 
these buttons, you must unscramble the picture and display it right side up.  
It takes some time and can be frustrating but stick with it and you will get 

Inside of the Gingerbread House

What to explore:

- Doll on left hand side of screen.

- Doll bottom right hand corner.

- Complete the H.O.G. and you will obtain the pot holder needed to deal with 
the furnace in the workshop of Toys for Brats.

- Go down the hallway and you will see another apparition of the twins they 
say, "Pssst!  Over here.  You must be mindful of father.  We mustn't tamper 
with the locks or we may be punished again.  We must remember that we are 
forever tied to him so he may continue to be free."  

- The only thing in the hallway to be concerned with is the dumb-waiter with 
the red button on the right hand wall.  Click it and use the electrical tape 
to hold the two wires together. Then you may press the button and retrieve 
the rope we will need soon. 

Completing the puzzle:

Now to get through the door, we will need to complete another puzzle.  This 
is an example of the classic kid's game of concentration.  The twist is, you 
are on a timer and about every five second it will scramble the objects and 
rotate, so you have to be quick.  It may take a couple of tries but you 
should get it fairly quickly.

Once completed, go through the door and you are now you are in the twin's 

The Twin's Bedroom

What to explore:

- In the top right hand corner click on the picture.  

- Serving dish.

- Baby's crib.

- Closet door.  Which is missing a doorknob.  We will have to find it and 
come back.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain another type-writer key "S."  

Let's head back over to the Toys for Brats.

Toys for Brats (continued)

- Complete the H.O.G. and you will get the doorknob to the closet in the 
Twin's Room.

- Click on the furnace and complete the puzzle.

Completing the puzzle:

- Using your pot holder, turn the knobs to make the furnace temperature rise 
to the temperature you noted from the cellar door or the school.  

- Take note of the pattern of the burners on the top of the furnace.  This is 
the key to the lock of the cellar door.

- Head through the workshop and down into the cellar.

The Workshop Cellar (continued)

- Click on the electrical box and kill all of the roaches with the bug spray.

Completing the puzzle:

Now you will have to complete a circuit.  You must make the circuit by 
lighting up lights, following the open path of the wires, without cutting 
yourself off or crossing the same wire more than once.  If you do, you will 
have to start over.  I believe there is more than one answer to this, because 
I found mine so quickly.  I will try to add a picture of how to do this 

Starting from the light that is already lit, there are four wires coming off 
of it, I start with the second from the left then come down and work your way 
around.  Take your time and pay attention.  With just a little patience and 
logic you can figure this out as you go alone.

Once you have completed this puzzle, head back up to the workshop.  The phone 
will now work, but you don't have the correct phone number yet.  There are 
some numbers in your book, but none of them are correct at this point.  So we 
are going to head back over and enter the cellar of the school.

The School Cellar

Now that you have completed the furnace, enter the same pattern from furnace 
burners into the door and push the button to unlock it.

What to explore:

- The chalk board.

- The leaking petrol fuel.

- Pile of debris.

- Stone sharpener.  Put the machine belt from your inventory on the stone 
sharpener.  We have nothing to sharpen yet.

Head back to the Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House (continued)

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain the jar needed to collect petrol fuel.

- Head back to the closet and place the doorknob on the door and go into the 

The Twin's Closet

What to explore:

- Children's boxes top left hand corner.

- The pile of boxes in the middle of the room.

- The poster of roses to reveal a hole dug out by the twins.  Note the phone 
number listed on the paper is the correct phone number to dial to open the 
door that is left of the phone in the workshop of Toys for Brats.

Head back to Toys for Brats

Workshop of Toys for Brats (continued)

Dial the phone number you just obtained from the Twin's closet and it will 
open the door to the left of it.  This will lead you to the middle of a well.  
This is the same well you passed on your way into Ravenhearst Manor.  However 
this is from inside the well, rather than the top of it.

- Use the rope and connect it to the anchor in the middle of the floor.  

- Use the long stick to get the bucket loose.  This lets the bucket loose in 
the well, so back at the front of the house we can now retrieve the bucket 
that was inaccessible earlier in the game.

- Now click on the rope to climb down the inside of the well.  

Completing the puzzle:

This is a timed puzzle.  It just requires you to enter the objects as they 
come across the top of the screen, or as the winged creatures reveal them to 

Once you open the door, you will notice that it is dark.  We need to light 
the way some how and don't yet have the tools.  All you can see is a dish 
with tinder on botch sides of the screen.  

Head back out to the well that is just off of the front porch and retrieve 
the knife that is in its bucket.  The handle will turn freely now.
Then return to the Cellar of the School.

Cellar of the School (continued)

- Use the knife on the stone to make it sharp.

- Use the empty jar to catch some of the leaking petrol fuel.

- Return to the Basement of the Toys for Brats Workshop. 

Basement of Toys for Brats Workshop (continued)

- Use the newly sharpened knife and cut the teddy bear on the seams (four 
clicks).  This will reveal a box of matches, click on them and place them 
into your inventory.  

Head back to the bottom of the well.

Bottom of Well

- After entering the door again, take the matches and light the tinder in the 
dish hanging on the wall. This will illuminate the room and reveal three 

Completing the Puzzles:

- These are similar to the circuitry puzzle you did earlier in the sense that 
you must pick a spot and light it up along the lines but cannot cross the 
same line twice. 

- For the puzzle in the center, start in the hole just above the center hole 
and work your way around and then back across the "W."  

- For the puzzle on the left, start in the top hole of the left side diamond 
and work your way all the way around the puzzle, then work the insides and 
you're done.

- For the right hand puzzle, start in the very bottom hole.  Work your way 
around that bottom triangle and then up the middle all the way to the top.  
Then just work your way around what is left and you are done.

- Click on the center of the twin's tomb to release the twins and you will 
get another apparition.  They say to you, "Thank you, dear friend, for 
releasing our chains and showing us the path to mommy.  Please be careful.  
We can feel father coming home and he will be very upset with us.  Watch out 
of our awful brother as well.  Our brother Victor is as evil as father.  

- Now come back out of the well and workshop into the front part of the toy 
store and complete the new H.O.G. to reveal your last type-writer letter "R."

Head back to the hall of doors.

Hall of Doors (Right Hand Door)

Completing the puzzle:

- Place all of your keys on the type-writer.  

- Type Victor on the keys.

This will open the door and take you to the City of Blackpool Trolley Car.

Blackpool Trolley Car

What to explore:

- The lamp post.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain a scraper.

- Use the screw driver on the on the side of the trolley car under the letter 
"L."  This will open up an access panel.

- Place the funnel in the hole.

- Dump the jar of petrol fuel into the funnel.

- Click on the left hand door of the trolley car and enter.  On the right 
hand side there is a lever under the window.  Click on the lever and you're 

- When you stop, exit through the door and find yourself at the bottom of the 

The Bottom of the Cliffs

What to explore:

- Complete the H.O.G. and obtain a key.

- Trespasser sign.

- Cottage on top of the cliffs.

- The stairway in the cliff face.

- Halfway up the stairs, you will use the scraper on the steps that sparkle.  
This will reveal the clue to solving your next puzzle.

- Head up the stairs.  Your path is blocked and you can go no farther.  At 
the top of your railing on the left is a puzzle.  Click on it and make the 
pattern match that of the steps you just scraped.  If you cannot remember it, 
the clue is located in your Case File.

- Once you complete the puzzle, a bridge will rise and you can continue up 
the steps.  This will take you to a cottage house.  Click on the right hand 
side door and complete the puzzle.  

Completing the puzzle:

This is a domino puzzle.  It takes time, but is relatively simple to 
complete.  My advice is to start with all the double pieces you can find that 
don't duplicate. If you find one in more than one spot, then don't choose, 
wait and come back to it later (i.e. if there is more than one 5-5 come back 
to it). Then move on to 1-2, 1-3, etc.  

Once you have completed the puzzle, enter the door and you will find yourself 
in a utility/tack type room.  

Victor's Cottage Utility Room

What to explore:

- Explore the window and the picture.

- Exit and go to the front door of Victor's Cottage.

- Click on the cabinet door and complete the H.O.G. to collect your first 
jeweled heart (1 of 10).  

Exit the utility room and go to the front door.

Victor's Cottage

- Place the key in the lock on the front door and enter.

- You will see Victor.  This is not an apparition.  He is still alive.  There 
is a cut scene where he says, "Who's that coming in here.  I didn't invite 
nobody here!  You're that stinker!  You drove my daddy NUTS!  He's still 
alive . . .  
Aren't you happy about that?  Yes?  And I know what to do with people like 
No matter.  He'll return shortly."   

- You are now locked in the attic of Victor's cottage.  

Victor's Cottage Attic

What to explore:

- Pulley with hook.

- Chest.

- Crack in floor.

- Trap door in floor.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain a bobby pin.

- Use the bobby pin to pick the lock on the trap door in the floor.

Once down the trap door, you find yourself in a hallway with a door on your 
left and right.  Go into the door on the right.  You are now in Victor's 
Victor's Library 

What to explore:

- There is a phonograph on the right hand side of the room.

- The Light.

- There is a knob lying on the book in the center of the table, pick it up.  

- Then do the H.O.G. to obtain the film reel.

- Now click on the cabinet containing all the books.  Take note of what they 
look like, because you have to place them in a certain order in a minute.

Head over to the other room across the hallway.  You are now in Victor's 

Victor's Theatre

- Place the knob on the projector.  

- Place the film reel on the movie projector.  

- Watch the film and try and discern which books go in what order in the 
library cabinet.  If you wait long enough, Victor will get up and reveal the 
books that you can't see, but be quick, because he quickly comes and sits 
back down.

Now head back to the library.

Victor's Library (continued)

- Rearrange the books on the shelves in the exact order they were in on the 
film.  Once it is complete the cabinet moves out of the way to reveal an ax.  

- Click on the axe to add it to inventory.

- Climb back up the rope in the hallway to the attic and complete the H.O.G. 
to get a record.

- Go back down into the library and play the record on the phonograph.  It 
sounds kind of like back-masking.

Head back over to the Theatre.

Victor's Theatre (continued)

- Take the ax back to the other room and chop your way out of the boarded up 
window (six clicks).

- Go out the window.  You are now on the roof of the Ravenhearst Manor House.  
You should see the ladder you placed earlier to get to the bird's nest.  

- Climb down the ladder and make your way all the way back through the house 
to the trolley car and back to Victor's Cottage.

Victor's Cottage (continued)

Once back in Victor's Cottage head upstairs to Victor's room.

Victor's Bedroom

What to explore:

- The frame in the left top corner, to the right of the portrait.  Use the 
damp cloth (three clicks) to reveal what is hidden beneath.  Take note of the 
order of characters at the bottom, you will need them in a minute.

- The tripod by the window.

- Go back downstairs to the door that has a new puzzle on it.  

Completing the puzzle:

You must enter the characters in the order that they were in on the bottom of 
the frame.

Once complete, enter into Victor's study.  

Victor's Study

You will see Victor walking with Charles by the outside of the window.  
Victor says to Charles, "Father, you must be drained from your journey to the 
We'll get you back into your chamber so you can feel the warmth of your 
Their souls will make you warm again."    

What to explore:

- Letters on the floor.

- The file cabinets.

- Portrait of Victor picking his nose.

- The window.

- Click on the lock on the chest.  This is a simple rearrange puzzle of a 
peacock that you must complete.  

Completing the puzzle:

- Click on the top left star 3 times.

- Click on the bottom right star 3 times.  

- The chest will open and reveal a telescope.  Collect it.

- Complete the H.O.G. to obtain the skeleton key to the elevator.

Now head back upstairs to Victor's room.

Victor's Bedroom (continued)

- Place the telescope on the tripod.

- Look through the telescope to reveal a clue to a future puzzle.  The data 
will be saved in the Case File.

Head back to the elevator.
The Elevator (continued)

Place the skeleton key into the Skull box on the right hand side inside the 
elevator.  The clues to solving this puzzle are all over the manor grounds 
and you have been collecting them in your Case File since the beginning of 
the game.  Look through your Case File.  There are playing card suits 
associated with each clue as well as each puzzle piece.

Completing the puzzle:

The very first clue collected (the plaque from the front gate) has numbers 
and a heart on it.  Use must determine mathematically what number is next.  
In other words, what number does the heart represent in the sequence.  That 
is the number you want to use to solve the puzzle.  

Place the numbers in the center row (think of a briefcase lock).

My Solution:
Heart Code = 076
Spade Code = 005
Diamond code = 006
Club Code = 300

Now you may take the elevator to your new destination.  First it will open on 
the floor of the underground river.  Close the doors again and it will take 
you to the floor that has previously been inaccessible.

Charles's Chamber

When you get off the elevator, there is a locked door directly in front of 
There is a room to the left and one to the right.  

Enter the room on the left.

What to explore:

- Portrait over desk.

- Book on stand.  You can turn the pages and scan through the book if you 

Now go back and enter the room on the right with a statue of Emma in the 

What to explore:

- Emma is holding a locket.  Click on the locket.  This is the key to the 
last locked door in the hallway.  

- There is a note by the candle from Charles to Emma discussing his plans for 
Rose and the twins.  

- Complete the H.O.G. to collect the next jeweled heart.  You should now have 
There is a total of 10 jeweled hearts plus the locket heart.  You now have to 
go back over the whole manor and find the other eight hearts.  They are all 
located in H.O.G. throughout the manor.  They are in different places each 
game.  One always seems to be door on the front porch, so start there.

I usually find them in the following places:

3.  Gingerbread House Table
4.  School
5.  Rose's Bedroom
6.  Rose's Bathroom
7.  Front Porch
8.  Pond
9.  Shipwreck
10. Twin's Room (I think you may have to do the others first to get this 

Once you have all of them, head back to Charles Chamber. 

Charles's Chamber (continued)

Place the locket in the center of the door.  Then you will be required to 
place each of the ten jeweled hearts into the 10 open spaces.  Once you have 
completed it, the door will open.

Here you will see Charles in his chamber.  

What to explore:

- The chamber in the top left hand corner.  

- The chamber in which Charles is entombed. 

- On top of the table is a control box.  Click on it and a cut scene will 
occur where Charles will moan and complain and say, "YOU!?  You, again! You 
steal my first love, and then return to my house to mock me?  Victor!  Come 
Why is my strength not returning?  What have you done to my family?  Without 
the warmth of their souls I cannot remain among the living.  Victor!  Slay 
the infidel!"

- Click on the control box a second time and you will see your final puzzle.  

Completing the puzzle:

This was one of the most time consuming puzzles for me the first time I did 
it, so I cannot remember the exact combination that I used because it was 
lengthy and in-depth, but you must make the puzzle match the diagram in the 
top left hand corner.  Numbers 1-17, in order, going clock-wise.

Once complete, the center of the box opens to reveal Charles's heart.  It 
cracks.  Then Charles cries out in agony - - "What have you done?!  All of my 
work is in ruin.  Curse you, detective!  Do you hear me?  A pox on you AND 
your queen!  Victor!  Take the device, and get to safety.  Run. Far, far, far 

Then you hear Victor say, "This isn't over yet!"  He climbs into the Journey 
Machine (from the book on the stand).  He gives an evil cackle and you see 
the date on the door change from 2008 to 1895.  Then the house collapses in 
fire and you see the ghosts of Emma, Rose, Gwendolyn, and Charlotte come out 
to the gate.  

Then there are some out-takes as the credits roll.

Congratulations you beat the game.


At the end of the credits, there is a short paragraph. It is kind of a puzzle 
that has some hidden Easter-Eggs in it.  The solution was discovered by 
prpldva at the big fish forums.  See below:

behold the blind mice and.......................3
their cardinal directions. the .................4
world's wonders so ponderous .............7
make one grin from here to there. .........1...2..
is it six o'clock yet Or ..............................6
somethihg I ate? ......................................8

If you dial those numbers (347-1268) on the phone, someone will answer.

You can also dial the Big Fish Games Telephone # (244-3474) there is another 

Puzzle Solutions

LizzieK has offered her screenshots to solve the puzzles.

They can be found here:

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