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Epic creatures? 1
How do you level up your weapons? All of mine so far are level one. 2
Can you get all of the super weapons and hero items in space adventure mode? 3
Crew? 1
How do i get crew members to come down with me? 1
What is the best strategy for allying grox???????? 1
Is there any way to tell if an Empire has an adventure 4 u or just a plain mission? 2
How do you add your allies ships to your fleet in space stage? 2
How do I make a floating building/platform? 1
How do I land on planets that have a adventure? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
The asymmetry patch crash my Spore GA? 0
My game won't upload with creepy and cute expansion pack. What can i do? 0
Why does the game keep telling me Please insert the spore galactic adventures DVD? 4
The game gets to the black screen when starting up, then crashes. Can someone help me fix it? 3
what is BAD_DATA? 3
How do I make creatures dance? 1
Crash fix? 2
How do I cange how much spore points when making my own adventures? 3
Spore patch 5 not working?- i really need your help fast please 1
How do you get your adventures to be worth more points? 2

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