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Can you get all of the super weapons and hero items in space adventure mode?

Curious before i start investing powers in certain abilities can you get them all in one file

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Alondaar answered:

Another reason why you can't use all of the abilities on one captain is because each piece of equipment replaces something, example: "Energy Claws" replace "Bite"
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wolfedragon answered:

judging by the fact that it says there's only 10 levels I don't think so, but it might be possible considering you can play near infinate adventures
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Odyani answered:

I've been able to create a captain, and max him out along the Trader line, and have begun leveling him along the Shaman with no issues other than complexity. So it seems you'd be able to earn them all for a very flexible captain.

Of course if you are asking if you can use all powers on one Captain, chance are no, since it would hit complexity limit. You could swap out equipment though.
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