Question from shinigami50

Why can't i start the Demo?

I downloaded the demo, installed it, double click on the game launch icon and here what happens: TODO: <File description> has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Error signature
AppName: braid.exe AppVer: ModName: braid.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00038dfe

What should i do?

Onyx3173 asked for clarification:

What operating system are you using? Vista, 7, XP, something else?


magnusm1 answered:

Buy the game! :D It is great!
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Camden answered:

Someone else reported the same problem and it had something to do with SSE2, but this was apparently fixed about five years ago. I imagine you've either purchased the game or moved on long ago, though.
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