Question from mrbacon60

Will assassins creed 2 work with a gamepad controller?

Just wondering


Hanakage answered:

Ha. You'll be lucky if it works AT ALL.
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jakkaru answered:

It works with the 360 controller on the pc.
i dont have another gamepad, so i cant speak for others.
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jah_rastafari answered:

It works with my Genius Grandias 12V, so I guess it'll work w/ all the gamepads.
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lokokid84 answered:

I have the Logitech Dual Action USB and it works just fine. Maybe you will have to change the button configuration, but works fine.
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Void_Dweller answered:

With my Genius MaxFire G-12U it works like charm.
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pedrofsky_69 answered:

It works with the PS3 sixaxis dualshock 3, i just cant make the R2 L2 work even though i have the proper software for it.
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2coolsaif answered:

It can work with any Gamepad which is read by your computer but vibration will not be there :(
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black_godzz answered:

it can't, I have test 3 kind of different gamepad, they won't work at all
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