Peter Blood Plantation Walkthrough by SaintDarkSide

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Age Of Pirates 2: City Of Abandoned Ships
Peter Blood plantation walkthrough and more!

Michael Mattiocco
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

This guide was written by me, Michael Mattiocco also know as on 
Gamefaqs as TrueGamer104. This guide is to only be used on Gamefaqs 
and absolutely nowhere else. If you have any questions, comments, 
concerns, or want to add or correct anything please
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If you are to contact me please be sure to state your business in your 
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Please keep in mind that this guide only contains information up to your 
escape from the plantation. This guide also contains a lot of valued 
information about the game and known issues that occasionally plague this 

This FaQ is still in progress, check back for updates! and no, a legitimate 
patch has not beed releasedfor this game yet....lets hope soon, this game 

AoP2- Age of Pirates 2

Section 1- A simple breakdown of the most used controls in this game.
Section 2- Starting as Peter Blood
Section 3- Peter Blood walkthrough until escape
Section 4- Tips 
Section 5- Known issues and bugs and tips on how to avoid some
Section 6- Closing

Section 1- A simple breakdown of controls in this game...

The controls in AoP2 can be extremely overwhelming and quite frustrating. 
Here I will break down the controls and try to simplify them to what you 
basically use the absolute most. Firstly you use the mouse to walk and talk 
to people by clicking at, around or near them. You use the right 
mouse button to walk and the left to talk to people, the left button 
allows you to enter and exit buildings and such. You use these controls in 
what we will refer to as the "normal mode". Below are a summory of the 
various controls used in this game in all the modes.

F2- In any mode this opens your user menu. Your user menu contains your 
character and stats,  ships, items, etc... Get used to using this button 

Esc- Save menu and exit game

1- Loots corpses

SPACEBAR- Blocks attacks

Q- When you have a gun and bullets, this fires the gun

Enter- Quick commands

X- Use health potion

Section 2- Starting as Peter Blood

You can play however you wish but I highly recommend the following...

-This game is extremely difficult at times, there are 10 difficulty settings 
in all and the game kicks your butt even on the middle setting "Captain". 
I really suggest playing on "Sailor" first (the lowest setting). Believe 
me you won't just breeze by, it still has some challenge to it. 

-Really put some thought into the Tactical and Dynamic naval battles. I play 
mines on Dynamic because it feels quicker. However everyone is different 
you may enjoy tactical better, but it is much slower.

-While the difficulty is still challenging even on the lowest it can be, 
there is one more thing to make your life a little easier and that is the 
ship activity. I would personally set it on low, standard still puts 
a lot of ships that follow you around making it hard to travel sometimes.


Section 3- Playing as Peter Blood until escape...

Save OFTEN! And be sure to make more than one save.!!

The Prologue...

You start off standing in a courtyard, Pitt walks up to you and you see some 
dialogue. After the dialogue walk into the large house where the man is 
standing there, he will speak with you as well. Head up the staires and make 
a left, you want to head into the door on your right had side. (it will be 
the first door you come across) You enter the room and see a man sick in bed, 
walk over to the bed and the man from downstaires walks into the room and 
up to you and you see some dialogue. After the dialogue you walk over to the 
sick man and begin to dress his wounds. After you find yourself in a room 
with the very same man, walk over to him and speak with him, Pitt walks in 
and speaks with you. Exit the room and to your immediate left on a small table 
is the key you need. Head up the staires and instead of taking a left go 
right and all the way around to the balcony that looks out into the courtyard. 
You can unlock this chest and take the weapons out. Head back downstaires and 
await the arrival of the guards. After the fight (if you choose to fight, 
either way you lose) you will be taken to a loading screen and its off to 
the Barbados Plantation. (End of Prologue)

You find yourself in a small house with beds. Pitt walks up to you and here 
you are able to re-distribute your talent points (you can just leave them be 
if you wish). Leave the house and just wait for Colonel Bishop to walk up to 
you and some dialogue starts. You need to head to the governors mansion and 
treat his ill wife. Head out of the plantation and up the road towards the 
city. Stay to your left and you will eventually come to an estate with guards 
outside of it. Approach it and some dialogue begins, walk into the estate and 
up to the governor. (right now it is your choice to speak with him, either 
way....) Head into the door and up the staires and into the room where a 
woman is standing there. Walk up to her and speak with her. You need some 
medicine now. Head back down and speak with the governor and choose the last 
option (the option where you request funds for the medicine) and you can 
choose the highest amount (don't worry about paying this back) Leave the 
estate and head right until you come to the first house. You run into a doctor 
whacker standing there, he tells you that the doctor isn't home yet he needs 
to speak with you a little later. Here you can head upstaires and inspect the 
dresser/table for a vial of migraine medicine. Head back down and outside and 
you will find the doctor a little a head of you, walk up to him and choose the 
first dialogue option (the one where you don't take medicine from his house 
and were about to leave) You now recieve more medicine. Head back
to the estate and up to the room with the woman and speak with her, you 
will now move forward a day find yourself in the tavern. 

Speak with the bartender and ask him where Doctor Whacker is, head to the 
back door and into the room where you will find him. Speak with him and now 
officially begins your process of escape. Head back to the plantation and 
speak to Pitt. At this point you need to speak to 3 of your slave mates and 
persuade them to join your cause. Three of them stand out so find them and 
speak with them, they will each have a task for you to complete before joining 
you. The two who wander outside are named Hagthorpe and Dyke. The third man 
is inside a house you must enter within the plantation) Also you want to find 
a fourth man to give the extra vial of medicine in exchange for a dagger. You 
can keep this dagger on you but DO NOT equip it yet for the guards will remove 
it from you. All of these men can be found within the plantation grounds. Once 
you have completed all this head over to the Bishops house within the 
plantation (this house looks a little nicer than the rest) Speak with him to 
gather your info and off to the town you go. First you want to either head to 
the brothel or the tavern and look for the man whos finger you will be 
needing, he is either sitting having a drink or upstaires in the brothel. 
He will meet you outside the city gates in one hour, in the mean time you 
can complete your other tasks. Stop by the tavern and speak with a drunken 
sailor, sit down and 
have a drink with him to learn about the man who came into port and is 
staying at a house close by (the certain Weston) Exit the tavern and head 
right, it is the house exactly next to the moneylender. Save your game here. 
Enter the house and the chest you will be looking for in by the staircase, 
the man will attack you if you try and take it while he is looking. Wait until 
he turns around or on a rare ocassion walks upstaires. After you have the 
money and the papers, head over to the money lender to pay off ogles debt. 
After you are going to aquire the weapons. The house you are looking for is 
located behind the brothel and across from the Doctors house you took the 
meds from earlier. You will find a man inside and will speak to him, after 
getting nothing walk back outside and wait until a spanish man walks up to 
you and speaks to you (it doesnt matter what you say here) Walk over to 
the guard standing in front of the estate and speak with him, he runs into 
the house the spanish guy went into for the weapons and you pretty much have 
to wait a minute. Enter the house and head upstaires, he killed the guard...
before you enter this room loot the guard for some meds and a sword. Equip it 
and enter the room and kill the spanish man, walk up to the guy who denied 
you and collect your weapons. Now it is time to head outside the gates of the 
town...not the direction of the plantation, there is another gate besides 
the house you come out of. Kill the man and collect the finger and all the 
other goodies. Head back to the plantation. Speak with each of the slaves and 
than speak with Pitt. You progress a day...

Head to the tavern and speak with Whacker, he only gives you 18,000 and it is 
up to you to get the rest. Go find Nattal who is wearing a white shirt and 
usually sitting in the tavern, if not than he is outside wandering around. 
He will buy the ship for you, you just need the cash. Head over to the store 
and speak with Swallow the pirate to do a task for him, than head over to the 
fisherman which the house is located exactly next to the doctors house you got 
the medicine vial from. He asks you for a task and than stop by the money-
lender for yet another task. To knock all these out at once, head to the 
tavern and talk to the bartender and offer him the 500 for info on the man you 
are looking for, after go to the corner of the bar and choose the first option 
and when this option comes up choose it ....... You will get the fishing spot 
location, now head to the ship yard and speak with the man besides the desk. 
You can choose the middle option with will bring your reptation down to 
swindler or you can choose the last option and just collect 30,000. If you 
don't return this money back to the moneylenders you will eventually get a 
bounty on your head....just return it and collect 10%. Speak with the man in 
the shipyard and ask him about helping you with Swallow, he tells you a story 
and says that there is a man who can help you. Head outside and find him. He 
is wandering around but don't use swallows real name. Head back to the tavern 
and speak with swallow and collect your 1,500. Head back to the money lender 
and than to the fisherman. After all is done head back to the tavern and give 
the bum the money to buy the ship. Step outside for a guard to tell you to go 
back to the plantation....

When you head back one of your slave friends appraches you and speaks with is now dark. Equip that dagger and head towards the plantation. 
There is a stash of weapons hidden within the plantation but there are a ton 
of guards around. If you kill enough guards England will become hostile 
towards dont want this later on. In all reality you can just run 
in, speak with Pitt on the ground and run away from all the guards and back 
into the city. Save your game prior and try and locate that weapons stash, 
it is in the back right of the plantation, once you map it out, run in and 
out and into the city/town.

Here and woman runs up to you and a spanash man is chasing her, kill him (you 
have your dagger but these guys are hard to kill so it would be alot easier 
if you got that weapon stash) Slowly kill your way to the shipyard and swim 
around to the side where you find your friends waiting for you. After you and 
your friends must swim to the large ship in the water and board it. You will 
have several guards to meet you so kill them and loo them. Now you are on the 
homestretch. Enter the cabin of the ship and kill the captain and loot! loot! 
loot! lol. Head back out and Pitt speaks with you. Now talk to your crew and 
only Pitt and Ogle decide to stay with you. Assign Pitt to navigator and Ogle 
to cannoneer. Head back into the cabin and so begins your escape. You are now 
in sea mode...two spanish ships try and take you out but the ship you are in 
is no match for them...get close and sink are now FREE!

At this point the game officially begins, you can do whatever whenever. Be 
sure to check your standings with nations. 


Section 4- Tips

I couldn't state this enough...SAVE OFTEN!

Don't forget to keep your ship stocked with the essentials: Food, Meds, 
Powder, Ammo.

Swing by the tavern during the day to recruit sailors to work on your ship. 
Also scout out the taverns for new officer recruits (you find these guys 

If you take over a ship and kill the captain you have an option to keep it
however, you need a minimum amount of crew and you need to appoint one of 
your officers to command the ship. 

When you start off with the ship you escaped with, it lowers your stats. This 
FORTUNATLEY is not a bug or glitch...the ship is simply to much for you to 
handle, you can sell it and buy a cheaper one and work your way up from 

Be sure to check how much your ship can hold, you can go over and you wont be 
able to buy anything else.

No you cannot exit a naval battle once initiated, save before so if you 
choose not to fight, just reload. Also, be careful when sailing around, 
sometimes there will be more than 1 or even 2 ships you must face.

When doing the missing gem/jewel quest for the moneylender, be sure to turn 
your foliage graphics is really tiny!
Section 5- Known issues and bugs and tips on how to avoid some.

Lets face it, this game is terribly buggy, and I don't mean that lightly. 
First off you should always save frequently! Now that doesn't mean to save 
every 5 minutes but generally after bigger events such as completing a quest 
or capturing a ship etc... And always remember to make an extra save, at least 
have them 1-2 hours apart so you don't have much catching up to do if 
something goes haywire.

Listed below are a few bugs and glitches that I did some research on and 
experienced myself, some have solutions and some simply do not=(

-If you hit the Windows button to minimize your game window to get to your 
desktop, when you pull the game back up again it will say "Engine Failed". 
As far as I am concerned this is normal, so whatever you do, do not hit the 
windows buttons to minimize game screen.

-Sometimes you cannot assign your officers to certain positions. I have had 
this problem numerous times and found that simply by clicking on another tab 
such as items and ships and go back to it, I can assign an officer or remove 
an officer.

-The game is known to simply freeze at random locations, more common when 
entering or exiting a bulding. If you can't minimize your game by the windows 
button once frozen, try to hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete to open the task manager.

-The game looks a tad dark, even if you adjust the Gamma or brightness it 
doesn't help. I have come to the conclusion that this was how the game was 
designed and isn't to much of a bother.


Section 6- Closing

I hope you enjoyed this FaQ, once again you can contact me for any questions 
regarding the game with the contact info above. And once again this FaQ is to 
only be used with Gamefaqs and nowhere else. This FaQ was written in a style 
that I figured would give less of the game away like not stating 
the conversations in depth. 

-Happy Gaming