Question from gameaddict50

How do I get past destroy all crystal pedestals?ho

Five purple candles must be lit to destroy purple crystal?


snowvixen81 answered:

I've solved 4 of the puzzles but can't figure out 2.
Crystal bottom left... click on balls that are at 12, 2 & 6 o'clock
To the right of that, hit it with the corssbow
Straight across after you break green crystals... play memory and match the pictures.
Puzzle after you break the orange crystals you just have to get rid of your coins.... sorry I can't remember the order I did it in.

If anyone can help with the other 2 puzzles it would be greatly appreciated.
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snowvixen81 answered:

I just got #5... have to get all 5 purple torches to light. use the mini map to click quickly to where they are and get them lit.
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