Question from ssoya77

Asked: 5 years ago

Is this game has BOTS in it?

I never played Battlefield Bad Company game but,I've played Battlefield 2 and that game has BOTS(cpu players).So,I just want to ask if this game have BOTS(cpu players) too.

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From: Tharo 5 years ago

Bots are something that could definately be in the near future. But as of right now, no.

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It will have single player mode for sure. So AI is implemented.

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I believe the answer to your question is NO! This is the reason I will not be buying a copy of Bad Company 2! The game does not support multiplayer BOTS!

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This game has a lot of chances of having mod support. Excpect to see bot mod sometime after this announcement!

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Why would you want bots? surely you play multiplayer to play other people and not your pc?

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