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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Those helio's at seronoQ? Open 1
Strategy Help status answers
Can one create their own maps or mods? Open 4
Steer rockets? Open 1
Other Help status answers
About the game? Open 3
Bad company 2 or bioshock 2? Open 3
Battlefield badcompany2 How you get the m1 on multiplayer? Open 2
Can multiplayer mods be played with A.I ? Open 3
Can some one get the beta of Battlefield bad company 2 pc without reserving a copy? Open 1
Can you use mics on the PC version? Open 2
Do you have to buy anything extra to play online? Open 2
Does anyone have problems finding servers in multplayer? Open 3
Does PC people get to play in the same network as X360 and PS3 online? Open 1
Does this game need steam to run if you buy it retail? Open 2
ESRB rating? Open 3
Help! I get the White screen of death every day? Open 1
How can i create a new profile? Open 1
How do I do this??? Open 2
How long is the SP gameplay? Open 1
How well is the graphics? Open 2
Hud help? Open 2
Installation? Open 1
Is battlefield bad co 2 only an online game for pc ? Open 1
Is there going to be local networking options in any patches? Open 1
Last rank specific unlock in bad company 2? Open 3
Login ? Open 1
PC Platform and PS3 play in multiplayer? Open 1
UAV Flight broken for me? Open 2
What are the basic controls on the keyboard? Open 1
What does the Limited Edition give me? Open 1
What war is this game based on? Is it a past war or present? Open 6
Where do I request a Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC beta key? Open 2
where is SAVE game? Open 3
Why did my MP score reset to zero? Open 1
Will my computer run it, and how smoothly? Open 1
Will windows 7 run this game? Open 4

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