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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the Best Character Build or Some Good Ones?

Just a or a few good character builds and good perks and traits to get

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I find the ones listed in this FAQ to be extremely helpful

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In Fallout 2 a friend of mine likes to build a fist fighter. Over 100% skill or so you start getting special attacks the deny armor and stufff like that. I personally don't find that all that much fun, but it's much more powerful than you'd figure. I think it works on Fallout 1 too but I'm not sure.

In both Fallout 1 and 2, a very high attribute will give you unique choices, particularly Intelligence and Charisma. Most of times you'll need 9 or 10 though. You can get that with drugs.

An average to high Lockpick skill is always useful to get you expensive things, although you'll soon realize you get much more than you can carry or sell in Fallout 2. A very high Science skill is much less profitable but definitely takes you places you can't get otherwise.

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Why dont u alll just get fallout 3 or wait for fallout new vegas

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Simple, Fallout3maniac - some of us actually prefer the old style of Fallout.

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