Question from PretzelsOfWar

Asked: 4 years ago

Is DR2 going to be cross-platform co-op?

Has anyone seen any news on whether DR2 is going to be cross-platform co-op. I would rather play on PC, but some of my friends would rather play on 360. Any chance in us being able to play co-op together if I go PC?

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From: Sebastiaaaaaaan 4 years ago

Absolutely not. Cross-platforming was tested back with Shadowrun in 2007, and it proved to be a disaster. While it would be cool to merge the communities, certain technical aspects prevent it from being a good idea.

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That is a definite no!

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No, sorry. I personally think it would be great, but it just isnt happening.

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Probably not but still,
companies should be working on bringing all communities together instead of tearing them apart.

Shadowrun was a disaster because it plain sucked...seriously.

CAPCOM got it right in
Lost Planet Colonies Edition = (featured cross-platform mp)
and probably a few other games as well.

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