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Where can I find the Samurai suit set in this game?


Shjade asked for clarification:

I'm not sure what you mean by "the samurai suit." I'm not aware of a samurai culture in the game. Perhaps you're thinking of one of the mod versions of the previous game set in a Japanese background?

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SkyeShot answered:

The Strange Short Sword and Strange Armor are still in Rivacheg. Same place as before, in the bushes in front of the church.

As near as I can tell, the chest /w the Strange Great Sword and Helmet have gone the way of the normal Sword and Boots.

To get @ the Great Sword and Helmet, enable Edit Mode in the launcher, head into Tihr, Press Ctrl + E, scroll down the "Scene Props" tab, which is open by default, and place a chest_a. Close the editor, again /w Ctrl + E, and then simply open the chest.

Repeat the process at Jelkala for the normal Sword and Boots.

Voila. If you want the chests gone afterwards, Ctrl + E for the editor, right click the chest, and press delete. Then close the editor.
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saiked answered:

Shjade, he is talking about the strange armor that was in the first game. the armor wasn't the best(but one of the cooler ones IMO). but sadly as far as i know it is not in the game(or it might not have been found yet).
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Shjade answered:

Hm. If you're just looking for something samurai-esque, the high-end Khergit and Sarranid plate armors have some east-Asian influence in their styles, but nothing specific enough that I'd label it a samurai set.
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saiked answered:

got some more info. i don't know if it is a bug or not but i got curious and checked rivacheg for the strange armor and shortsword and i found it :D. it might be that they just copied the city from the first one though, if so they might either patch it away or move it to a new location
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nextzone2 answered:

I found the Strange Armour and Strange Short Sword in Rivacheg. It's almost the same loaction but the streets are a bit different. The only thing that I culd't find it's the other equip part, containing Strange Sword (2handed) and Strange Helmet. If someone see the other part of equip set tell me plz. I looked for it in Tyr but i coul'd find it.
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Scisor50 answered:

There's actually a samurai look-alike armor in the game. And it's not the Strange armor.
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tasetaseta answered:

i agree with saiked
the first strange equipment is in rivacheg like in the old M&B but the rest i searched in all towns... and there's no more secret chests. It must be a bug...or they just forgot to remove those chests i play only with the strange armor and 1st strange sword (japanese small katana named "wakisashi")...boring :S (i was trying to start this game with the full strange equipement in order to become the "king samurai" of khergits ahaha)...if there is a way to get the full equipment i am all ears...Anyway Have Fun
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Da_V_Man answered:

In the original, they were found in the streets of Rivacheg, Tihr and Jelkala.

However, Tihr has been wood-ified, and the one in Jelkala was removed a while a go apparently.
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Scisor50 answered:

Yeah i think i'm completely sure they removed everything but those two away. And a small correction. It's a small sword named Wakizashi.
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kriszhao answered:

How do you get the editor to work properly? i did the Ctrl E and brought up the editor but i cant see the control box? when i alt tab out of the window it appears for a second but then it disappears when the window finishes loading? grr
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Durstalph answered:

Try using Alt-Enter to switch to windowed mode.
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