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Creating my own Kingdom??

I've hear that I can "create" my own kingdom, HOW CAN THIS BE? I must know how I can do this!!! thank you for any info.

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ehkowarrior answered:

I will describe this in 3 fairly simple steps

Step 1: Conquer a castle or town while not owing fealty to a king or being a mercenary. Make sure you command enough soldiers and money to HOLD what youve taken. i suggest going after somebody who is at war with 2 or more others and has lost a large amount of land/nobles

Step 2: Take more castles and recruit nobles of non-hostile kingdoms through chat, or promote followers through the Talk option on the party screen. (do not promote the final follower until you can put your spouse as a minister or you will be stuck with the completely useless villager, there are 16 total followers)

Step 3: Give them Towns, Castles or Villages so that the chances of them becoming unhappy and leaving you are lowered. this will also cause them to usually return to that area unless you give them a specific order.
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gremnkai answered:

You must capture a castle without being in a kingdom already.
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