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Is there a level cap?

Has anyone hit a cap where you cant gain anymore levels? Wondering if there is a cap so I can figure out exactily which skills I'll work on and how many pnts into which skills.. yah know kinda min/max the char.

Accepted Answer

gundies answered:

Max level is 61, you can get 1 experience point away from 62, and the total experience at that point is: 644045999. However, experience gets ridiculous as you near level 40 so that's unrealistic to max unless you cheat.

Str, Ag, Int, Char all max at 63, you can add more points but the number won't go up or have any effect.

The best way to min/max your char (without just editing your char) would be to abuse the books. If you use the import/export character feature you can load to an earlier save or into a brand new map and read the books again. I believe you can max out Intelligence, Leadership, Trade, Persuasion, Engineer, and Weapon Mastery doing that, though I can't remember for certain if this is the full list.
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gremnkai answered:

There is no level cap only on the demo.
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