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I accidentally asked a hero to join me but i didnt have any place, when i ask him again and removed some guy from my party and there are like mercenaries in the tavern the glitch makes the hero be the mercenaries but the mercenaries are still the mercenaries, now i cant get alayen lvl 25 and lezelit lvl 20 back what to do?


Thundertrod answered:

I have not heard of this one before the best thing to do wood be to relaod a earler save you can retive a back up save by going to to mydocumant/maount&bladewarbandsavegame/native. Find the file last_savegame_backup.sav and chang it to sg00.sav (zeros) if your registerd on the tail world forum report your bug hear so it can be fixed
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pavlicdyshko answered:

umm never heard of that but i would agree with Frosty Thundertrod reload earlier save if you cant then if this is improtant to you and you arent so far in the game start over and use cheats to get your charater and special characters back to the same lv they were before and use money cheat to the same amt before so you wont have to start ALL over
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