Question from simeon9999

how can I restore my health?

Please help!!!


Spazticus answered:

As far as I am aware, if you want to heal during combat, it's not possible without cheats enabled.

Assuming you're not using cheats: Time heals all wounds, minus the fatal ones; the world of M&B is no different. With the Wound Treatment skill, you and your troops will heal while resting in a town/castle/village/camp, or even while on the move. For the fastest results while healing, regardless of your Wound Treatment level, pass time in a town with a tavern.

Other factors include the First Aid skill (instantly healing a percentage of the health lost during a given battle, thus cutting down your healing time by a fair bit) and whether or not your team doctor was wounded as well. If he/she was wounded, the next highest Wound Treatment level will be applied until the doctor recovers from wounded status. (Note: If you have the highest level, it applies regardless.) The level of Surgery also factors in, but only because more of your troops will be wounded instead of being killed outright.
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