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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you increase your 'right to rule'?

My right to rule now is 12, where the other kings don't see me as a ruler to a kingdom. How do you increase it?

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- You have to be on the winning side when 2 faction make piece with each other. As a mercenary or as a vassal.

- You can marry the "wants to marry well" type of lady. (not sure about this)

- you can send your companions to missions (talk to them about supporting you) 3 points per mission, 1 companion only 1 mission of this type and each of them will request something about your future ruling behaviour. If you send one of your companion an other will complain about it and will never support you. Or at least not go to the quest but doesn't leave your party. Few days later your companion join you again and you gain the 3 RTR now you can send an other one.

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- You can capture towns, castles or capture enemy lords as a king and wait for your enemies beg you to make peace.

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Or if you are really desperate:
Press Ctrl + ~ and type in: cheatmenu and press enter.
Then, go to camp and click "CHEAT MENU" you will have many different options. Also, if you click "take an action" you will get a handy little menu to
"find an item". Very handy if you ask me :D

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I can't do this sign "~" please help.

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