Question from bruant

Asked: 3 years ago

why am I unable to get any higher that 49000 points???

I have reached level 100 in R.U.S.E. why can't I get any higher... The program
has stopped the points at 49,000 and will not go any there a reason for this.? Bruce

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The exp is only cosmetic, it doesn't prove much other then you have have played the game long enough to get to level 100. Many gamer who switch computers will get to start all over again from level 1. But if you look their steam profile you can see how long they've played the game. A good gamer on RUSE is around 300+ hours. However this still doesn't mean they'll be better gamers, as many of them play the Battle mode to get the higher levels and hours, and well, an AI isn't as smart as another gamer in this game.

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