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Asked: 4 years ago

Problems with the faction cards?

The German faction card has the Norwegian flag. That is a big, BIG mistake. Since this is a WWII strategy game they should at least know the flag of the nation that started the war in the first place. Maybe do some background check and research next time.

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1st the Norwegian flag has dark blue in the middle. 2nd the flag is correct except for 1 thing the swastika. But that may be censored!

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Thats the Balkan Cross. It was one of the insignia on many German units in WWII, and it was one of the many German symbols, like the Aryan Cross, and Swastika.

The Norwegian flag is a white background, with a blue cross.

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Oops, I was thinking about a different country! :O My bad.

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Hmm... why don't you do the background check instead?

Go to google images and type in "Balkan Cross"

red blackground, white cross and blue cross inside the white cross.

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