Question from docmagnet59

How do you get infinite sun and money?


nooboon asked for clarification:

how is Plants_Vs_Zombies_V1.0_Plus_9_Trainer_By_KelSat work

kais789 asked for clarification:

What do u click to use the cheats


Fire_Focx answered:

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camcam2 answered:

Use Cheat Engine 5.5
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Fire_Focx answered:

try this one, it works.
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renecabalum answered:

Yo fire_focx am i ganna type it manualy on the game or i have to search it?
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Love_Struct8 answered:

Just Hack.
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zerojetters answered:

Cheat engine 5.5, see youtube for translation
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PS4P answered:

Use trainer download from here
use Number pad ... ;)
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agung0506 answered:

Trainer +7!!! New!!! I have one want it?? don't worry there is at
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neopets_30 answered:

Fire_Focx's one is quite good. If you want infinite sun and money, just cheat. If you want to get infinite sun and money without cheats, I'm quite sure it's literally impossible.
Trainer +4 is good enough for me. F1 and F2 are what you need.
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neopets_30 answered:

also renecabalum8 you copy and paste it in the link. You should get to the website. Still works, i suppose.
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neopets_30 answered:

Also try to give us the link for the cheat engine >.>
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DoubleA009 answered:

I use cheat engine 5.5
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Yednab answered:

trainer for the goty edition would be cool, any suggestions?

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no_user1234 answered:

Okay, you can either
1.Realise that the only way to do this is by hacking or
2.Be a cheat and use cheat engine
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1997anton answered:

Why do you cheat in a simple and easy game? There are lots of ways to get money and sun. And after cheating, you'll just get tired of the game in a matter of days. It's just a suggestion though.
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Sunflower190 answered:

For the money... I suggest you to play and unlock the last stand when you can get 5000 sun but no sun-producing plants. Plant lots of marigolds and at the end of the row... A repeater. Then some pumkin to protect the marigold. Tall nut and wall nut can be optional

For sun... You need to hack or plant several twin sunflowers... But it isn't infinite. It can be deducted and hard to plant
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robinloveme answered:

you can use cheat engine or try this: www.plantsvszombies.INFO
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DoubleA009 answered:

Cheat Engine 5.5
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kingdom999 answered:

Use cheat engine 8.0
Just like me.
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leonel2158 answered:

Cheat Engine 6.0 at
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kingdom999 answered:

Use Cheat Engine 9.0
Just Like Me ^_^
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Barri123 answered:

This Question have lot of comments but no one have make the best answers XD
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nate7z answered:

just so u know the message from hacks1238 is a virus x 2, so just use the other 2 links in the answer over him. or try it and see. my AVG picked up 2 files to delete when I clicked/tried the link
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