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What's the final boss cheat?

On the final level before the final boss appears, Crazy Dave said that the boss has a weakness but then a bungee zombie grabbed him before he can finish. Does anyone know what he was about to say?

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Silveron714 answered:

His weakness like all zombies is his head. Always keep a Ice Shroom and Jalapeno on hold so when forms ball you can burn the Blue Ice balls and Freeze the Red Fire balls. Any extras use Ice Shroom when head down so will stay in place for all puts to hit him. If only have 1 left use any extra Jalapenos to do extra damage until he forms ball, then use corresponding plant. Try to spread out puts so every row has something to take out zombies and not major damage if car smooshes plants. Don't think feet take damage from puts but can see if jalapeno makes them flash indicating damage. Never saw Magnet come down conveyor so not sure where eyeluvgamez got that from.
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explosion213 answered: have to figure it out by yourself
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explosion213 answered:

I think
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explosion213 answered:

And by the way,you ARE supposed to figure out this yourself

Hope All Of It Helps! :)
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explosion213 answered:

The bungee zombie grabbed him because they didnt want you to kill the f***ing Dr.Zomboss so easily
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nikko004 answered:

Um, my classmate told me something about "all your base are belong to us"
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Corlist answered:

They were all basically jokes, like how Crazy Dave said press up, up, down, down, left, right (which is the Konami code). I have no idea about where he got that "hit him in the pancreas" line though.
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codebracker5 answered:

Use Japalenos on ice balls, and ice shrooms on fire balls.

PS: Use an ice shroom when his head is inside the screen to freeze him - you can make a lot of damage!
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Edfan765 answered:

Actually, Crazy Dave was about to say that his weakness was his head. Your plants only attack Dr. Zomboss when his Head is visible (notice why they never attack his feet). He has no direct weakness. Jalapenos and Ice Shrooms just have the same effect on Zomboss as they do normal zombies.
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zerojetters answered:

No idea...
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awaishusain answered:

When Zomboss comes down to leave fire or snow balls, just plant ICE SHROOMS to freeze him9when you freeze him he cant do anything but just get attacked by the plants) and JALAPENO to attack him, leave one ICE SHROOM and JALAPENO for the balls he leaves..................the zombie meter shows his Health..........
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zerojetters answered:

Actually, Dr.Zomboss can take 20,572 normal damage from cabbage and kernel-pults, but melon-pults give 4 damage per shot, and jalapeno gives about 100 damage, For More information: Gargantuar has 150 health which can take 150 normal attack such as peas and For more information Giga-Gargantuar can takes 225 normal damage than the normal one, Imps they throw also can takes 50% more damage than the one Normal Gargantuar throw at you, So sometimes you think imps can take Winter melon- melon? that's Giga gargantuars Imps
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ELVINIC answered:

its very obvious since you can only hit Dr.zomboss in the head when he lowers down.i think does hitting him on the feet dose damage?
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eyeluvgamez answered:

You have to use the magnet plant to disarm him
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