Question from godzilla757

How do you beat the level 3-4?

I need help beating level 3-4 and what do i use there are 3 huge zombie attacks and how do you beat the level and what do you use i use a lot of things but they never work does any one ever look at the answers or i am i crazy well it whould be nice if some helped me well thanks for takeing time for me but i reely need help on this and what do you win affter this well thank you Godzilla757?


explosion213 answered:

Puff shroom Scaredy shroom Fume shroom and Sun shroom.the other ones you choose
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explosion213 answered:

Wait that the pool level thought it was the night level!!! anyways,just choosewhat i tell you to choose but first,adventure mode 1 or 2?
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explosion213 answered:

oh,adventure mode 1 right? im at adventure mode 2 and at that same lvl got 4 flags(WTF)so,just................................................what plants you have?
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zerojetters answered:

/Ss/Sc/SS/F/F/p/_/_/_/ And the same on another row


Eat a grave if you have sun more than you need
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grhuvbuh answered:

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I do believe this is daytime at the pool and no coffee beans yet, so mushrooms are out of it. I went with 2 columns of sunflowers, 3 columns of pea shooters/Repeaters, and wall-nuts in places that needed it. I also had squash, Jalapeno, and I think the tangle weed if you have it. Just stick it out, and if it gets tight, and a whole row of plants are gone, wait for the lawnmower to get rid of them.
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SkullBasherX answered:

Dont Know but heres a tip ALWAYS USE INSTANT KILL PLANTS!!!!
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